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30 Adorable Girl Names That Start with J

For what seems like forever, the letter “J” has dominated the baby name charts; after all, it’s one of the most popular letters parents choose for their baby names to start with. And it makes sense “J” names often make for some of the prettiest, not to mention unique names out there. These baby girl names that start with “J” include some classic picks and some more obscure options. From Jade to Juno, click ahead to browse through 30 adorable girl names that start with “J.”  We guarantee that anyone looking for a “J” name will find inspiration here.

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1. Jade

Stone of the side
Why not name your little one after a beautiful stone that symbolizes wealth and nobility?

2. Janalise

Janalise is a modern invented name that sounds like a perfect marriage of the names Jane and Elise. We love the contemporary take on mixing a tried and true classic name with something as elegantly French as Elise. And since it’s so unique, your little girl will always stand out.

3. Janelle

God is gracious
A name that sounds pretty to the ear combined with spiritual undertones makes this a sweet-sounding choice for your little girl.

4. January

God of doorways
Although January is the name of a month, we also think it makes for a pretty and whimsical baby girl name.

5. Jasmine

The pretty name takes after the sweet-smelling flower used in many herbal remedies and perfumes. The jasmine flower also symbolizes love and beauty.

6. Jaxine

While this unique baby name choice isn’t super common (at least not yet), it does have a really cool sound and nickname of Jax that we can’t help but love.  

7. Jaya

One feature of this name is that’s it’s short, which arguably adds to its cuteness. It’s also a great alternative to the popular and similar-sounding name Kaia.

8. Jayden

This hybrid name has cute written all over it and can also be spelled Jaiden.

9. Jeanne

God is gracious
French form of Jane the name Jeanne is all sorts of appealing: A trip to Paris will definitely be in this little one’s future!

10. Jemima

Dove or bright as day
An old fashion sounding name combined with a sweet meaning also provides the short but cute Jem nickname!

11. Jenaya

Elegant and whimsical at the same time, Jenaya sounds like the name of a princess from a fairy tale, right?

12. Jendayi

Give thanks
You’ll be feeling this grateful for your new little girl, so the name is more than appropriate for your precious newborn.

13. Jenica

God’s gracious gift
A unique spin on Jen, Jenica is a fun-filled name that guarantees a sweet and upbeat personality.

14. Jensine

God is gracious
The name Jensine has never ranked among the top in America, but we still think it’s a unique and sophisticated name.

15. Jesaray

There is something extra cute about baby names with two names in one. Jesaray is a mix of Jessica or Jezebel combined with the name Ray and is soft and sweet with a free-flowing bohemian feel.

16. Jessalie

In our opinion, this alternative to the dated Jessica it’s oozing with femininity.

17. Jetta

It’s the perfect blend of cute and strong, which is a good combination for a little girl.

18. Jocasta

If having an uncommon name is something that’s important in choosing the perfect name, Jocasta may be the right choice. It’s currently not ranked in the US’s top 1,000 most popular baby names, so the chances of meeting another Jocasta are low. It can be shortened to Jo for extra cuteness.

19. Jolene

Uncertain meaning
Jolene is one of those baby girl names that land in the middle of unusual and common. We hear it enough that it doesn’t make us do a double-take, but there something about its sweet southern charm that makes it an adorable choice.

20. Jolie

Not to be confused with Julie, Jolie is an elegant French word that means “pretty.”

21. Joplyn

Son of Job
Finding a quirky name that we don’t often hear is what parents are striving to find, and Joplyn is one of those names. Yes, it’s unusual, but it’s a name that would make a little girl stand out in the best way.

22. Jordan

Flowing down
When we hear the name Jordan, typically, we think of this for a little boy. But it’s a wonderful gender-neutral name that works for a boy or a girl.

23. Josephine

God increases
The name Josephine is a popular one, and it’s been around since the start of the 19th century. It’s one of those names that doesn’t seem to ever go out of style.

24. Journee

A pretty word name that looks good spelled, ending with “E” or “Y .”

25. Jovie

American for “cheerful,” there’s no better way to celebrate a new life than naming your baby girl Jovie.

26. Jubilee

When we hear the name Jubilee, we think of an upbeat spunky little girl. 

27. Jude

And because it means “praise,” you better believe everyone will do exactly that the second they see your child.

28. Juna

Does the warm summer month of June have a special meaning, or are you expecting then? Consider naming her Juna!

29. Juno

Consort of Jupiter
To us, it’s a strong and empowering name perfect for any future heroine.

30. Juniper

If you’re looking for a unisex “J” name, this is it. Juniper is a quirky but cute-sounding nature name that feels very of the moment.

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