Jovie Meaning and Origin

Jovie is a gender-neutral name meaning “jovial” and is of American origin. Jovie can be seen as a variant of the Latin name “Jovita,” which means “joyful” or “happy.” It is derived from the Latin word “jovis,” which refers to the Roman god Jupiter. ovie can also be considered a combination of two names, such as “Jo” and “Vie.” “Jo” is a diminutive form of names like Josephine or Joanna, while “Vie” is derived from the French word “vie,” meaning “life.” Therefore, Jovie can be interpreted as “a joyful life” or “life full of happiness.” The name just puts a smile on the face because it’s so cute. A little baby named Jovie is the cutest name we can think of, and it’s the perfect balance of uncommon but not out there. 

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