Elodie Meaning and Origin

Elodie is a girl’s name meaning “foreign riches” and is of French origin. Elodie is the French form of the Spanish name Elodia. The name was first used in honor of a 9th-century Spanish saint. Most commonly, it is thought to derive from a Visigothic female given name, composed of ali ‘foreign’ and od ‘riches’. Elodie is also the name of a pink lily gently spotted with maroon. It is also a very rare Scottish surname of unknown origin.  Elodie became popular as a given name in France during the 19th century and is still commonly used there today. It has also gained popularity in other French-speaking countries such as Belgium and Switzerland. Famous people with the name Elodie include French singer and actress Élodie Frégé, French Olympic fencer Élodie Clouvel, and Canadian actress Élodie Bouchez. Elodie has such a lovely cadence it rolls right off the tongue, which gives it a cute buoyant, energizing beauty. Some possible nicknames for Elodie include Ellie, Lodie, and Lola. 

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