10 Girl Names That No One Else Will Have

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Parents want to give their daughters a unique name that will represent their importance and individuality. Still, finding a name that no one else has can be like finding a needle in a haystack, don’t worry, we’re here to the rescue. We’ve taken the task to find names for girls that are underused and uncommon, but not too unusual that people consider them to be “out here.” We should note that almost none of these names appear in the US top 1,000, most popular names, so we’re pretty sure no other kid will have them. Without further ado, here are ten baby names for girls that aren’t wildly popular and are up for grabs.


1. Anneliese

Origin: Dutch and German
Meaning: Grace of God
more about the name Anneliese


2. Audrina

Origin: English
Meaning: Noble strength
more about the name Audrina


3. Blythe

Origin: English
Meaning: Cheerful, joyous
more about the name Blythe


4. Calla

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Beauty
more about the name Calla


5. Carys

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: To love
more about the name Carys


6. Delphine

Origin: French
Meaning: Woman from Delphi
more about the name Delphine


7. Elodie

Origin: French
Meaning: Foreign riches
more about the name Elodie


8. Imogen

Origin: English
Meaning: Maiden
more about the name Imogen


9. Sabine

Origin: French and German
Meaning: Woman of the Sabine people
more about the name Sabine


10. Taya

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: Young or valley field
more about the name Taya



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