Carys Meaning and Origin

The name Carys is a girl’s name meaning “love” and is of Welsh origin. The name stems from the Welsh vocabulary word CarusCarys, from caru, “to love”. Scholars believe Carys may have roots in the Greek name Charis, meaning “grace”. Like many traditional Welsh names, Carys has been in and out of fashion over the years but is currently popular with parents across the pond. The boy’s equivalent Welsh names are Carwyn, meaning “blessed love” and Caradoc meaning “love.” Famous bearer: Carys Zeta Douglas (daughter of Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and American actor Michael Douglas). Carys is a girl’s name that’s already big in UK and Wales but hasn’t yet taken off anywhere else, and we’re in love with the way it sounds when pronounced properly, kah-RISS. Carys is a sweet-sounding combined name with an even sweeter meaning. Plus, it’s short and sweet, so no nickname is necessary. 

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