Naenia Meaning and Origin

The name Naenia is a girl’s name meaning “incantation, dirge” and is of Latin origin. A spelling variant of Nenia, in Latin, “Nenia” means “lament” or “dirge.” It is associated with mourning or a funeral song. In Roman mythology, Nenia was also the name of the goddess who presided over funerals. “Nenia” is also a name of Italian origin. In Italian, it means “baby girl” or “nanny.” It can be seen as a diminutive form of the name Antonia. In Esperanto, an international constructed language, “Nenia” means “none” or “nothing.” It is derived from the root word “nenio,” which means “nothing.” It’s worth noting that “Nenia” is not a widely common name and may be considered relatively rare. 

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