Abela Meaning and Origin

Abela is a girl’s name of Spanish-Catalan, Italian, or Hebrew origin, meaning “the bee, breath.” Abella is derived from the Latin word “Apellia,” which refers to a type of bee. In Hebrew, “Abela” is often considered a variant of the name “Abelia,” which is derived from the root “abel” meaning “breath” or “vapor.” In this context, the name can be associated with the idea of life or living breath. In Italy, “Abela” is a surname rather than a given name. It likely originated from a place name, as many Italian surnames do. “Abela” may have been used to refer to someone who hailed from a place with a similar name or had associations with it. Abela” is a relatively common surname in Malta. It is of Semitic origin and might be related to the Arabic name “Abdullah,” meaning “servant of Allah.” The Maltese language has a Semitic influence, which is why some names have Arabic origins. As a given name, “Abela” might be relatively rare and less commonly used in some cultures. However, as a surname, especially in Malta and Italy, it is more prevalent.

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