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Anneliese Meaning and Origin

Grounded but girly at the same time, Anneliese is an underused name that’s a bit vintage yet dainty and sophisticated. Anneliese is a girl’s name meaning “grace of God” and is of German and Dutch origin. The name is a combination of the names Anna and Liese. Anna is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin derived from the name Hannah, meaning “favor” or “grace,” and Elizabeth is also of Hebrew origin from the name Elisheva meaning “pledged to God.” Therefore the meaning of Anneliese could be interrupted as “grace of God.” Anneliese has been a popular name in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for many years. It was particularly common in the early 20th century, but its popularity has declined somewhat in recent years. The name Anneliese has a few variations, such as Annalisa, Annalise, and Annaliese. In some countries, it is also spelled Annelise. Famous people with the name Anneliese include the German actress Anneliese Uhlig, the Austrian actress Anneliese Rothenberger, and the German-American journalist Anneliese Seubert.

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