Unheard of Unique Boys Names

50 Unheard of Unique and Totally Wearable Boys Names

Uncommon baby names have become a lot more common. And what’s more refreshing than coming across an interesting moniker that you won’t see everywhere? We’ve tracked down some of the world’s most unique unheard of but still totally wearable boy names for little guys with grit and tons of spunk. Scroll down to see if any of these unusual monikers are the right fit for your new little fella.


1. Aceyn

The name Aceyn is an invented name of American origin. This name blends Ace and Mason, making Aceyn a trendy, modern American name. So if you’re looking for something fresh and interesting for your little boy, then Aceyn is a great choice!


2. Anson

The name Anson means “son of Ann” and is of English origin. This name holds some vintage charm with a Scandi vibe while also sounding modern.


3. Ares

The name Ares means “bane, ruin” and is of Greek origin. Ares is a mythology name that has an almost royal quality to it.


4. Beau

The name Beau means “beautiful” and is of French origin. Beau is an adorable baby name that’s light and fun but still strong of character.


5. Bence

The name Bence means “to conquer or to win” and is of Hungarian origin. A moniker with stylish undertones that’s smooth and strong.


6. Bodhi

The name Bodhi means “enlightenment” and is of Sanskrit origin. A solid, powerful, insightful name for your little boy, especially if you’re into spirituality.


7. Bowie

The name Bowie means “yellow, fair-haired” and is of Scottish and Irish origin. It’s a cute and rarely used name that could be an original choice for your son, and we love the rock n roll vibe.


8. Cace

The name Cace means “observant; alert; vigorous” and is of Irish origin. Cace is a one-syllable moniker that will flow nicely with nearly any middle and last name.


9. Calix

The name Calix means “handsome, chalice” and is of Greek and Latin origin. Calix is a dapper and unabashedly handsome choice.


10. Cillian

The name Cillian means “monastery, church” and is of Irish origin. A title with Irish flair that combines timeless appeal with a quirky sound.


11. Cortez

The name Cortez means “courteous” or “polite” and is of Spanish and Portuguese origin. If you’re looking for a Hispanic name with a modern twist, perhaps Cortez is a good choice.


12. Crew

The boy’s name Crew is an English word name. A little bit edgy and a little bit preppy, Crew is the perfect boy name for parents who want a mix of both.


13. Croy

The name Croy means “gray” and is of Gaelic origin. Cory is a great name option if you’re not a fan of nicknames! It’s a tiny bit rugged and also super sweet at the same time.


14. Daegan

The name Daegan means “black-haired” and is of Gaelic origin. Daegan evokes feelings of strength and power. It’s also a decidedly great option for a little dark-haired boy.


15. Darrow

The name Darrow means “oaktree” and is of Scottish origin. A nice nature-based option. Perhaps your baby will grow up to love the outdoors.


16. Diem

The name Diem (DEE-EM) means “day” and is of Latin origin. Shake things up with this short but edgy choice, and your little boy’s name will always make a statement.


17. Dorsey

The name Dorsey means “from Orsay” and is of English origin. Dorsey is a name that carries with it class, distinction, and a hint of sweetness.


18. Dune

The name Dune means “brown-skinned soldier” and is of Scottish origin. Dune is a unique, creative name that fits an adventurous little boy who loves sci-fi.


19. Emric

The name Emric means “leader” and is of Teutonic origin. A name fit for a future leader that’s noble as well as unique.


20. Ender

The name Ender means “very rare” and is of Turkish origin. This strong yet unique name certainly makes a statement.


21. Enoch

The name Enzo means “dedicated” and is of Hebrew origin. Your son will be hardworking and loyal, that’s for sure.


22. Enzo

The name Enzo means “rules the home” and is of Italian origin. It’s a cool and sleek option for parents looking for a name with a z sound.


23. Franco

The name Franco means “Frenchman or free one” and is of Italian origin. Sometimes last names make perfectly modern first names, and Franco hasn’t been overdone.


24. Gaige

Gaige is an invented name that is a respelling of the English word gage. We love how rugged and cool this name sounds when it rolls off of the tongue.


25. Haines

The name Haines means “hawthorn” and is of German origin. Haines is a last name that sounds fitting enough to be a first name.


26. Hendry

The name Hendry means “home-ruler, ruler of the estate” and is of Scottish origin. Full of regal strength, Hendry sounds classic and timeless but still unique.


27. Jabin

The name Jabin means “discerner, or the wise” and is of Hebrew origin. This name is an excellent option if you don’t love overused names.


28. Kade

The name Kade means “round, lumpy” and is of English origin. This name may be short, but it packs a punch.


29. Kai

The name Kai means “sea” and is of Hawaiian origin. Soft and sweet but full of adventure like your little one will be.


30. Kohen

The name Kohen means “priest” and is of Hebrew origin. A rarely used name, that’s perfect if you want something with Biblical ties.


31. Langston

The name Langston means “the tall man’s town” and is of English origin. A name with a retro, English feel, it was once a surname.


32. Lathan

The name Lathan means “farm by the water” and is of English origin. Polished and unique, the name Lathan is a perfect alternative to Nathan.


33. Lennon

The name Lennon means “dear one” and is of Irish origin. A rock n roll last name, Lennon is a style-winner as well.


34. Lowen

The name Lowen means “happy” and is of Cornish origin. If you’re looking for an alternative to names like Logan or Rowan, this could be a unique option with a cheerful meaning.


35. Maxton

The name Maxton means “greatest” and is of Latin origin. A trendy variant of the name Maximus that fits in well with names like Mason and Hudson.


36. Miller

The name Miller means “mill worker” and is of English origin. If you’re determined to raise a hard worker, the name Miller is up to the challenge.


37. Munro

The name Munro means “man from the River Roe” and is of Scottish origin. Munro sounds old-fashioned but has a modern ring to it. Great for parents with old souls.


38. Nixon

The name Nixon means “son of Nicholas” and is of English, Scottish or Irish origin. Another distinctive name with retro appeal, try Nixon, for some vintage vibes.


39. Otto

The name Otto means “wealth, prosperity” and is of German origin. A long-forgotten choice that is recently making a resurgence.


40. Ozzie

The name Ozzie means “bear god or God’s power” and is of Norse and German origin. Ozzie is as cute as a teddy bear, but it’s also strong and dignified at the same time.


41. Raddix

The name Raddix means “happy” and is thought of as a variation of the Slavic name Radex. This stylish name is flying under the radar for now, but there is no guarantee that it will stay that way for long.


42. Rhett

The name Rhett means “advice” and is of English and Dutch origin. A classic American used name that looks adorable on a newborn and ages well.


43. Rhys

The name Rhys means “ardent, fiery” and is of Welsh origin. Not only does this name sound sweet, but it also sounds super cool.


44. Rocco

The name Rocco means “rest” and is of Italian origin. Rocco is a name that will give your son some flair.


45. Stryker

The name Stryker means “tester” and is of German origin. If you’re looking for rugged boy names, this just might be the one!


46. Sully

The name Sully means “south meadow” and is of English origin. This very English-sounding name is the short form of the name Sullivan. We like it because it’s unique with a ton of personality behind it.


47. Torben

The name Torben means “thunder bear” and is of Norse origin. Evoking thundery skies, Torben is an original name for your little warrior.


48. Trace

The name Trace means “brave” and is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from Tracey. This uncommon name is very rarely used, so if you want something unique, this name is a great choice.


49. Zeno

The name Zeno means “Zeus or newcomer” and is of Greek origin. Names starting with Z tend to be rare in general, and Zeno is no exception.


50. Zenon

The name Zenon means “gift of Zeus” and is of Greek origin. Unlike other Greek mythology names like Alexander, Andrew, or Nicholas, Zenon is rarely used and a highly unique choice.


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