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20 Cute Names for Boys You Haven’t Heard

Finding a baby name can be one of the most important aspects of planning for the arrival of your little one, but it can also feel overwhelming. Choosing a cute baby name, especially cute baby boy names, that will be equally fitting for an adorable infant and the adult he grows into can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking for a cute boy name that flows best with your last name, or you are just holding out until you hear a unique name that you love, we’ve got you covered. We’ve organized 20 of our favorite cute baby boy names for boys, including gender-neutral options, that you haven’t heard to make your search easier.

1. Avel

Breath (Russian) Boy
A breath of fresh air, this choice is great for families with a longer last name or looking for a punchy first name option that works with lots of middle names.
You may also like: Adley, Atley, Avi, Aiden, Axel, Austin, Avery, Atlas

2. Bence

To conquer or to win (Hungarian) Boy
This is a strong name for a boy who is likely to be as powerful as his moniker.
You may also like: Benno, Boaz, Bexam, Beau, Blake, Beckett, Brody

3. Braxley

Invented name (Modern) Boy
Although Braxley is uncommon, it’s not too in-your-face or wild as a first name. Plus, you can always use Brax as a nickname.
You may also like: Bravery, Bromley, Brantley, Bodhi, Bentley, Brooks

4. Caius

Rejoice (Latin) Boy
Latin in origin, you might have already mispronounced Caius in your head. It’s pronounced “keez” and is a name that fits in with the ancient naming trend. However, you could just as easily decide to pronounce it “kai-iss.”
You may also like: Cade, Calix, Cove, Caleb, Colton

5. Carver

Word name (English) Boy
It might sound trendy, but it’s actually not common. With a name this fierce, you just know your little one will be the coolest kid on the playground.
You may also like: Cortez, Cosmo, Clive, Crew, Carter, Cole

6. Daxon

Invented name (Modern) Boy
Though Daxon lacks its own meaning, this cute name lends itself to an equally likable nickname of Dax.
You may also like: Dagan, Dakson, Dasher

7. Diem

Day (Latin) Unisex
Carpe Diem! A perfect short and cute name for a baby boy who will always seize the day!
You may also like: Dane, Dario, Dax, Dylan, Dean

8. Elio

The sun (Spanish) Boy
It’s like a fresh, unconventional way of naming a son “Sunny,” which will always bring smiles.
You may also like: Elam, Eero, Eilif, Ezra, Elijah, Easton, Emerson, Evan, Elias, Enzo

9. Frey

Lord, exalted one (Scandinavian) Boy
The name hasn’t made it onto any popular name list, but that’s totally the charm of it. Frey is a beautiful nod to Norse mythology; he was the ruler of peace and fertility, rain, and sunshine.
You may also like: Felix, Foster, FoxFletcher, Gage, Gabriel

10. Hutton

Ridge settlement (English) Boy
Like Sutton, Hutton is a last name that works well as a first name. It’s not common at all for a first name, and that’s part of the charm.
You may also like: Huron, Holmes, Hutch, Hugh, Hugo, Ian

11. Judas

Praised (Greek) Boy
It might sound a little old-fashioned, but those are exactly the kind of names that are coming back into style — and that will withstand the test of time.
You may also like: Judah, Jude, Joab, Isaac, Jett, Julian, Jonah, Jayden, Jameson

12. Kelton

Town of the keels (English) Boy
Kelton is a name choice that sounds cute and dignified, perfect for parents looking for a unique moniker that’s just a little bit different.
You may also like: Kelan, Keats, Kannon, Leo, Liam, Lorenzo, Lawson

13. Neo

New; gift (Greek and African) Boy
Both meanings are wonderfully fitting for any little boy, especially if you’re looking for a name that can’t easily be shortened into a nickname.
You may also like: Nico, Nile, Nash, Milo, Noah, Mason, Mac, Maddox

14. Odis

Wealth (German) Boy
It’s short, it’s adorable, and it’s easy for little ones to learn how to spell. Fellow lovers of old-fashioned names, do not sleep on Odis!
You may also like: Otis, Omri, Osher, Oliver, Owen

15. Philo

Love (Greek) Boy
Here is a name that is about as old as can be but still sounds fresh for 2022! This name with Greek origins and dates back to the Greco-Roman period; paired with its lovely meaning, it’s a cute choice for a modern baby.
You may also like: Patton, PaxonPhelan, Parker

16. Radley

Red meadow (English) Boy
Radley might be more commonly known as a last name, but that isn’t always true! It’s also a surname that happens to make an adorable first name for a little boy.
You may also like: Renly, Ridley, Ramsay, Quincy

17. Reeve

Bailiff (English) Unisex
While this could be used for either gender, Reeve definitely has a more masculine ring to it. Plus, it’s a great alternative to the popular name Reese.
You may also like: Rio, Rowley, Raddix, Ray, Ryder

18. Saxon

People of the dagger (German) Boy
Soon-to-be parents looking for a unique and edgy name should look no further than Saxon. Saxon’s uniqueness brings out a little bit of edge that will be great for a little boy.
You may also like: Seamus, Slater, Soren, Titan, Sawyer, Shane, Samuel

19. Valor

Word name (English) Boy
The name Valor sounds sweet and strong, especially when paired with the word’s meaning — “great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.” — it’s a name that will have everyone take the little one seriously.
You may also like: Vale, Vander, Vance, Xander

20. Wiley

Crafty (English) Unisex
Similar variations of this cute wearable name include Riley, Finley, or Bailey. Could you see your baby with this adorable moniker?
You may also like: Wesley, Wade, Warner, Walker, Zander, Wyatt

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