Oliver Meaning and Origin

The name Oliver (Oh-lih-ver) is a boy’s name meaning “olive tree” and is of Latin origin. “Oliver” can also be derived from the Latin name “Oliverius,” which means “olive tree.” The olive tree is a symbol of peace, and the name was popular among early Christians. In Old Germanic, the name “Oliver” means “elf army,” with “elf” referring to a supernatural being from Germanic mythology. The name was brought to England by the Normans after the Conquest in 1066. Another possible origin for the name is the Old French name “Olivier,” which is derived from the Latin “Oliverius.” The name was popularized in France during the Middle Ages, and was later brought to England by the Normans. The name “Oliver” has been in use for many centuries and has been popular in various cultures throughout history. It is still a popular name today, particularly in English-speaking countries. Notable people with the name include Oliver Cromwell (English military and political leader), Oliver Twist (fictional character in the novel by Charles Dickens), and Oliver Stone (American film director).

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