Kannon Meaning and Origin

The name Kannon is a boy’s name meaning “a Chinese Buddhist deity of mercy and compassion” and is of Japanese origin. The name “Kannon” is derived from the Japanese word “Kanzeon”, which is the Japanese pronunciation of the Sanskrit word “Avalokiteśvara.” In Japanese Buddhism, Kannon refers to a bodhisattva associated with compassion. Bodhisattvas are beings who have attained enlightenment but choose to delay their own entry into Nirvana to assist others on their spiritual paths. Kannon is often depicted as a compassionate figure, with multiple arms and sometimes multiple heads, symbolizing the ability to reach out and help many beings simultaneously. The bodhisattva is typically portrayed holding various objects or performing specific hand gestures, known as mudras, each with symbolic significance. In Japanese culture, Kannon is highly revered and is considered one of the most important bodhisattvas. The belief in Kannon’s compassionate nature and ability to assist those in need has made Kannon a popular figure of worship for many Japanese Buddhists.

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