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20 of Our Favorite Unisex Names for Girls

Now more so than ever, people are engaging in open conversations about gender fluidity and actively working to break gender norms, and that includes gender-neutral baby names. Names that were once given exclusively to boys like Emerson or Harvey are now more common for girls. Today there’s no need to give your baby a traditionally feminine name, not to mention unisex names are unique, cool, cute, and fun! If you’re in the market for a unisex baby name, we’ve created a list of 20 of our favorites that we think work really well on girls. Check them out below!

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1. Aspen

Tree name (English) #224 for a girl
This English tree and place name was once given to both baby boys and girls, although it’s currently rare to meet a boy named Aspen these days, so it’s becoming harder to imagine a boy with this name.
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Avery, August, Ariel


2. Blake

Black, white (English) #210 for a boy and #219 for a girl
Blake was once automatically associated with boys, but it definitely isn’t that way anymore. Parents every year chose this for girls for its combination of style, strength, and simplicity.
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Blair, Billie, Briar


3. Cayden

Son of Cadan (Irish) #266 for a boy
Despite being used more for boys, Cayden is gaining traction as a female name as well. And it sounds a lot more melodious when it crosses genders.
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Campbell, Carrington, Channing


4. Carson

Marsh dweller (Scottish) #84 for a boy
Carson has usually been a very likable name for boys only, though it’s become a favored one for girls also. Its spelling Carsyn is a more feminine variant.
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Collins, Carter, Camden


5. Dylan

Sea (Welsh) #43 for a boy and #496 for a girl
While it is marginally more popular for boys right now, it’s a close race, making this name a gender-neutral choice for girls.
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Drew, Darcy, Dakota


6. Emersyn

Son of Emery (German) #164 for a girl
Typically thought of as a boy’s name, Emerson has been rising in popularity for everyone. Its variant Emersyn has the same phonetics but a more feminine spelling.
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Easton, Emery, Ellison


7. Emmett

Universal (German) #106 for a boy
Emmett would also make a lovely choice for girls—with the super cute nickname, Emmy.
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Eden, Elliot, Eden


8. Frankie

From France; free man (English) #591 for a girl and #979 for a boy
Frankie has long been thought of as the nickname for Frank, but recently, it’s been a popular nickname for the name Francesca. Today, we’re seeing more and more girls named Frankie than boys.
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Finley, Fallon, Flynn


9. Hayden

Hedged valley (English) #177 for a boy and #294 for a girl
The name Hayden sounds trendy and classic for both genders but is often more popular as a girls’ name.
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Hadley, Harley, Haven


10. Jaden

Jehovah has heard (Hebrew) #293 for a boy
Jaden, which occasionally is spelled Jayden, is more popular with boys but certainly works as a girls’ name as well.
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James, Jordan, Jamison


11. Kenley

Kings meadow (English)
This name is still a hidden gem baby name in many respects. It works well for either gender, but we like it more for a girl. It’s sweet yet strong, something every parent wishes for their daughter.
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Kaden, Kennedy, Kai


12. Lennox

Elm grove (Scottish) #291 for a boy and #587 for a girl
Lennox has been surfing the tide as a gender-neutral name recently but is more common for boys; however, we think it could be a bold choice, especially for girls.
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Laken, Leighton, Lennon


13. Mason

Stoneworker (English) #11 for a boy
One of the most red-hot boy names makes a great choice for your daughter.
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Madison, Morgan, Marley


14. Noah

Rest (Hebrew) #2 for a boy and #876 for a girl
More popular for boys—Noah has risen in popularity quite a bit in the last few years, but girls rock it too! Its spelling variation, Noa, will work even better for girls.
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Navy, Nico, North


15. Palmer

Palm bearer (English) #347 for a girl
This name with a bit of southern swagger lost its popularity amongst boys a long time ago and has been rising the ranks for girls over the past few decades.
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Parker, Peyton, Presley


16. Remi

Oarsman or remedy (French) #125 for a girl and #765 for a boy
What was once a name strictly for boys is becoming a much-loved girl name today. If you want to make this name a bit more feminine for your little girl, spell it Remi instead of Remy.
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Reagan, Rylee, Rowan


17. Rory

Red-haired king (Irish) #330 for a boy and #457 for a girl
This Irish name is currently more popular with boys, but girls named Rory aren’t far behind.
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Riley, Reverie, River


18. Sawyer

Sawer of wood (English) #116 for a boy and #238 for a girl
The name Sawyer is one of those names that sounds cool on girls. It’s straightforward, with just the right about of sass.
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Saylor, Salem, Sloane


19. Tatum

Tate’s homestead (English) #343 for a girl and #493 for a boy
Becoming more popular for girls than boys now, Tatum has a bright and cheerful sound that carries over, especially well on a little girl.
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Tyler, Tate, Taylor


20. Wiley

Crafty (English)
It sounds similar to wildly popular Riley, offering parents an alternative, Wiley could make a fun baby name for your little girl.
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Winter, Wilder, Wynne


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