Elliot Meaning and Origin

The name Elliot is a unisex name meaning “Yahweh is god” and is of English origin. The name Elliot comes from Hebrew Elias or Elijah. Elliot has been a popular name for boys in the United States since the 1990s, and it has also been used for female characters in literature and television, such as Elliot Alderson in the TV show “Mr. Robot”. Some famous people with the name Elliot include the American poet T.S. Eliot, the actor Elliot Page, and the musician Elliot Smith. In terms of variations, the name Elliot can also be spelled as Elliott, Eliot, or Eliott.

Names similar to Elliot:

  • Harrison
  • Bennett
  • Spencer
  • Sawyer
  • Nolan
  • Anderson
  • Maxwell
  • Donovan
  • Sullivan
  • Beckett


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