25 Adorable Irish Names for Girls You’ll Fall in Love with

If your feeling inspired by St. Patrick’s Day these adorable Irish names for girls will give you the luck of the Irish!

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1. Afric

2. Aisling

3. Alannah

4. Brenda

5. Bria

6. Caoimhe

7. Cassidy

8. Ceara

9. Dara

10. Deirdre

11. Enya

12. Fiona

13. Kelia

14. Liadan

15. Maeve

16. Neve

17. Orla

18. Reagan

19. Riley

20. Roisin

21. Rory

22. Saoirse

23. Shanley

24. Sheridan

25. Tierney


We hope you enjoyed our 25 adorable Irish names for girls. Let us know what you think are the most adorable Irish names for girls in the link below!


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