Orla Meaning and Origin

The name Orla is a girl’s name meaning “gold princess” and is of Irish origin. Orla is derived from the Irish word “orlaith,” which means “golden princess” or “golden ruler.” It combines the elements “ór” meaning “gold” and “flaith” meaning “princess” or “ruler.” The name carries connotations of beauty, regality, and leadership. In Irish mythology, Orla is associated with powerful and influential figures. One notable example is Princess Orla, who was the daughter of King Brian Boru, a renowned High King of Ireland. Princess Orla played a significant role in the historical events leading up to the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. Orla is a relatively popular name in Ireland and has gained recognition in other English-speaking countries as well. It has a timeless and elegant quality that appeals to many parents seeking a unique yet accessible name for their daughters. The name Orla has various spelling variations, including Orlagh, Orlaith, and Órfhlaith. Orla continues to be a popular choice for baby girls. It has gained recognition beyond Ireland and is appreciated for its melodic sound, distinctiveness, and meaningful origin.

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