Caoimhe Meaning and Origin

The name Caoimhe is a girl’s name meaning “gentle” and is of Irish origin. Caoimhe (pronounced “KEE-va” or “KWE-va”) derives from the Irish Gaelic word “caomh,” which means “gentle,” “beautiful,” or “kind.” The most common pronunciations are “KEE-va” or “KWE-va.” The “mh” combination in Irish Gaelic is often silent and acts as a nasal sound represented by a “v” or “w” sound. Caoimhe is a popular name in Ireland and other English-speaking countries with Irish heritage. It has gained some recognition beyond those regions as well. However, it remains relatively uncommon in comparison to more widely used names. Caoimhe is a name associated with several notable individuals, including Irish actress Caoimhe O’Malley and Irish singer-songwriter Caoimhe McDonagh. 

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