Prepare to Fall for These 20 Unique Jewish Hebrew Names


Hebrew baby names are seeing a surge in popularity, and whether or not you have Jewish roots, you may still want to give them a moniker that means something to you, others, and one day, to them. Although all titles have a meaning of sorts, some go back further and are rooted in history; Hebrew baby names fit that bill and have a charm all of their own. Sure, you’ve seen Hebrew names before like Abigail or Noah, but there are plenty of less popular options that likely flew under the radar. Below you will find 20 unique Hebrew baby names we’re loving and hope you will too.

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Hebrew Names For Girls


Ayala is a Hebrew female given name meaning “gazelle.” Even though it sounds a bit like Layla, also a gorgeous Hebrew name for girls, Ayala is much more exotic.


The name Baila—also spelled Bayla—is derived from the Biblical Hebrew name, meaning “bashful.”


If you’re on the hunt for a nature baby name that’s slightly different but still classically pretty, Ilana, meaning “tree,” is right for you.


Keziah, also spelled Kezia was the second of the three daughters born to Job in the Hebrew Bible. The name means “cassia tree” and is an excellent opinion for parents who want something unique with traditional ties.


Levana may very well be our favorite Hebrew baby name for girls. This radiant choice means “white” and “moon” derived from the Hebrew name Lebanah.


The name Liora has a romantic, strong, and distinctive ring to it and means “my light“.


This Hebrew name that translates to “I will thank God” is full of charisma and spark.


This lovely Hebrew name means “poetry” or “song,” which will be perfect for your little muse.


The name Shaina sometimes spelled Shayna or Shana, is a feminine name of Yiddish origin, meaning “beautiful” or “lovely” and is also often used as a nickname for Shoshana, an ancient form of Susannah, meaning “lily.”


A Hebrew girl’s name meaning “seed.” We’re in love with the way Zera sounds, plus it’s short and sweet, so no nickname is necessary.

Hebrew Names For Boys


This adorable Hebrew title means “father,” and we love Avi for a short, sweet, and strong name.


This moniker means “strength or swiftness” in Hebrew, so it’s ideal if you’re looking for a cute and robust title for your little one.


This Hebrew name reminds us of the English name Channing but sounds more solid. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Chanan is “cloud.”


This variant of David sounds cool and hip and means “adored.”


If you love the names Elijah and Ethan but want something a bit more off the beaten path, consider Eben. It means “stone of help“, which evokes a strength of spirit and goodwill.


Hanan is the male counterpart to Hannah, coming from the same Hebrew word meaning “grace or favor.” 


This Hebrew name means “pleasantness” and is the male version of the female No’omi (“Naomi” or “Noemi”). Noam is the perfect Hebrew name if you’re looking for something less popular than Noah or Liam, and bonus: it sounds like a combination of the two.


Osher is a popular Hebrew baby name for a good reason: it translates to “happiness.”


The Hebrew name translates to “secret of God” and can be shortened to just “Raz.” Adorable? Pretty much.


Tobin is a sweet Hebrew baby name for boys that means “goodness of God,” We think it evokes an expansive, peaceful feeling.

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