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50 Cute Baby Boy Names We Cannot Get Enough of

Calling all expectant boy parents! Choosing a name for a newborn boy can be an overwhelming and challenging task. Should the name go the traditional route or lean towards what is trending or something unconventional? To help you narrow it down, here are 50 of the cutest baby boy names we cannot get enough of. Some of these names are super popular boy names (listed on the social security administration’s most popular names), while others are less common but still equally adorable. We’re pretty confident one (or more) of these boy names will make your heart melt. Read on and discover 50 cute baby boy names we cannot get enough of.

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1. Arlow, Arlo

English origin, meaning: Fortified hill
This dreamy whimsical name pairs well with various middle and last names, especially those that end in a consonant. Similar names: Apollo, Amir, Julian

2. Arye

Hebrew origin, meaning: Lion
Baby names don’t need to be super long to pack a punch, and little Arye is proof of just that. Similar names: Amos, Aldo, Archie

3. Ashby

English origin, meaning: Ash tree farm
Looking for a name that is a true classic? The name Ashby is a strong title that possesses throwback elegance that can translate into modern times. Similar names: Atlas, Anthony, Atticus

4. Autry

English origin, meaning: Noble strength
Autry is such a stately name that’s rich in style. Similar names: August, Axel, Austin

5. Avery

English origin, meaning: Elf counsel
Avery is a cheery baby name with so many whimsical feels and a cute vibe. Similar names: Aiden, Daniel, Everest

6. Baylor

English and Irish origin, meaning: Fine friend
This baby name is a wonderful combination of gravitas and friendliness — not to mention cute! Similar names: Bennett, Dustin, Dawson

7. Bodhi

Sanskrit origin, meaning: Enlightenment
Who wouldn’t love to have an enlightened boy? Well, that’s exactly the temperament that’s conveyed by a fun and easygoing name such as Bodhi. Similar names: Bentley, Brooks, Blake

8. Brody

Scottish origin, meaning: Muddy place
Brody is an old Scottish surname with an upbeat vibe. Similar names: Benjamin, Benson, Briggs 

9. Colby

Norse origin, meaning: Coal settlement
How adorable is this baby name? Colby is a more uncommon name reminiscent of titles like Cody or Cole that can hold its own. Similar names: Crew, Caleb, Cyrus

10. Cooper

English origin, meaning: Barrel maker
We love this name because it has a robust feel, but it also super sweet at the same time. Similar names: Carson, Carter, Dax

11. Crosby

Scandinavian origin, meaning: At the cross
Crosby is more commonly a last name, making it an interesting choice for parents looking for a strong first name. Similar names: Charlie, Colton, Colter

12. Drew

English origin, meaning: Manliness
Drew is a great choice for parents looking for a strong, one-syllable choice that is easy to spell and pronounce. Similar names: David, Duke, Dean

13. Eli

Hebrew origin, meaning: Ascended
If you come from a religious family, you already know your newborn is a gift from above. Similar names: Elias, Elliot, Ethan, Emerson

14. Esly

Invented name
This name has a dash of hipster energy that might make a modern mom smile. Similar names: Ezra, Easton, Everett

15. Finley

Scottish origin, meaning: Fair hero
Finley is an attractive choice with a ton of power. Similar names: Finn, Felix, Ford

16. Gulliver

Irish origin, meaning: Glutton
This adorable name that sounds a lot like Oliver falls right in the sweet spot between sounding old-fashioned and super hipster. Similar names: Gabriel, Gage, Grayson, George

17. Hartley

English origin, meaning: Hart clearing
It’s strong and graceful, and Hart makes an unassuming nickname. Similar names: Gavin, Deacon, Griffin

18. Harvey

English origin, meaning: Battle worthy
Perfect for a rough and tough young gent who’s not afraid to throw down if necessary. Similar names: Diego, Enzo, Isaac

19. Hayes

English origin, meaning: Hedge
Hayes is a name with a simple, quiet feel, one that evokes the calm of nature. Similar names: Isaiah, Ian, Jett

20. Hendry

Hungarian origin, meaning: Home-ruler, ruler of the estate
Parents who love the name Henry but worry they have gotten too popular or want something a little more distinguished might want to consider the name Hendry. Similar names: Hudson, Hugo, Joseph

21. Jace

Invented name
Jace is a modern name that is the perfect marriage of the names Jason and Ace. Parents seem to love this short and sweet moniker that can stand on its own. Similar names: James, Jesse, Jacob, Jake

22. Josiah

Hebrew origin, meaning: God heals
A solid name with a strong history, Josiah has roots in ancient Hebrew and makes for an adorable first or middle name. Similar names: Jude, Jackson, Jayden, John

23. Kentley

English origin, meaning: From the meadow’s edge
This stately surname-turned-first-name has a regal aura about it, one simply cannot deny. Similar names: Kai, Fletcher, Eden

24. Landry

French origin, meaning: Land ruler
At first glance, one might look at the name Landry and think it belongs on a baby name list for girls — and that would be correct and also wrong. This gender-neutral name is playful, stylish, and quite the charmer. Similar names: Logan, Lennox, Paxton, Loyal

25. Leo

Latin origin, meaning: Lion
This three-letter baby name is ferocious and strong, not to mention super cute. Similar names: Emmett, Damon, Beckett

26. Levi

Hebrew origin, meaning: Joined
This name is the perfect choice for moms who plan to have a special bond with their son. Similar names: Liam, Lincoln, Elliott

27. Mackley

English origin, meaning: Macca’s Forest
We happen to think this name has high charm appeal and a few catchy nicknames, like Mack and Max. Similar names: Mason, Maxwell, Jaxtyn

28. Milo

Unknown origin, meaning: Gracious or yew
This name reaches back to ancient times and would lend any boy gravitas. Similar names: Matthew, Maddox, Enrique

29. Murphy

Irish origin, meaning: Sea warrior
A perfect choice for that any potential water baby boy, perhaps? Similar names: Michael, Magnus, Mateo

30. Neo

Greek and African origin, meaning: New; gift
It is, without a doubt a wonderful baby name for any family’s most valuable new addition, their new son. Similar names: Nicholas, Niko, Karsyn

31. Noah

Hebrew origin, meaning: Rest
Noah is a widely popular name, but it’s hard not to love its versatility and history. Similar names: Nash, Kiaan, Eliam

32. Oakley

English origin, meaning: Oaktree
Oakley is a beautiful name with strong ties to nature. Similar names: Oscar, Orion, Otis

33. Ozzie

Norse and German origin, meaning: Bear god or God’s power
Despite this powerful meaning, Ozzie carries a much more down-to-earth feel. Similar names: Otto, Owen, Ozzy

34. Perry

English origin, meaning: Peartree
It shares a sound and feel with Harry, but we love that it’s just a touch more unusual. Similar names: Phoenix, Peyton, Philip

35. Radley

English origin, meaning: Red meadow
Though it is more often encountered as a surname, don’t dismiss the idea that Radley makes just as good a first name for a little boy too. Similar names: Robert, Reed, Rhett

36. Ramsay

Scottish origin, meaning: Wild garlic island
Ramsay has an enchanting aura that will last for time to come. Similar names: Remi, Rhys, River

37. Remy

French origin, meaning: Oarsman
There are many reasons to love the name, Remy. Aside from being très adorable, it’s also a gender-neutral name. Similar names: Rex, Rafe, Rumi

38. Riley

Irish origin, meaning: Rye clearing
The name may have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, but we still love its adorable and friendly feeling. Similar names: Rudy, Rocco, Rio

39. Romeo

Italian origin, meaning: Pilgrim to Rome
We love how it’s almost musical rolling off the tongue but doesn’t seem to lose any of its masculinity. Similar names: Revi, Roy, Reeve

40. Rory

Irish origin, meaning: Red-haired king
This is a perfect name for any little guy, no matter what hair color he will have. Similar names: Ryder, Rian, Romy

41. Rowley

English origin, meaning: Rough clearing
With a similar sound to the far more popular Riley, Rowley is a great option if you’re looking for something a little more unique. Similar names: Reef, Radley, Rigby

42. Sawney

Scottish origin, meaning: Defender of men
The name Sawney is undoubtedly an uncommon one, but it comes with a strong meaning, too. Similar names: Silas, Samuel, Samson

43. Sawyer

English origin, meaning: Sawer of wood
A good choice for an outdoorsy family and Sawyer is also gender-neutral, so it’s suitable for a little girl, too. Similar names: Scott, Sage, Sonny

44. Troy

Irish origin, meaning: Foot soldier
Not only is it a strong-sounding name, but it also embodies strength. Similar names: Theo, Teddy, Teo

45. Tyler

English origin, meaning: Tiler maker
Tyler is another gender-neutral option, though historically, it has been used slightly more for boys. Similar names: Theodore, Trey, Tully

46. Wells

English origin, meaning: From the well
This lovely name is simple yet oh so quaint, and we just love it! Similar names: Walker

47. Wesley

English origin, meaning: West meadow
Wesley has a reputation as being posh and sophisticated, though it also feels playful. Similar names: Winston, Westley, Winley

48. Wylie

Scottish origin, meaning: One who induces eagerness
Those seeking a name to suit a young, aspiring go-getter, Wylie makes a good choice. Similar names: Wyatt, Wren, Wade

49. Yuri

Russian origin, meaning: Farmer
It’s similar to Rory, but Yuri has a sound all of its own, and it’s gaining traction as a first name because of its sweet sound and exotic history. Similar names: Yanni, Yael, Yule

50. Zeev

Hebrew origin, meaning: Wolf
OK, we’ll admit it — Zeev is kind of cute, even if it does seem more like a nickname than anything else. But it also comes with the energy that baby boy will be as fierce and majestic as its meaning. Similar names: Zane, Zion, Zaire

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