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48 Unique Girl Names That Start With E

Embark on a journey of discovery through a realm of baby names that sparkle with individuality and charm, especially ‘e names.’ In this collection of 48 unique baby girl names that begin with the letter ‘E,’ each baby name tells its own story, weaving a tapestry of elegance, strength, and distinctive beauty. From ethereal classics to rare gems waiting to be unearthed, these baby girl names offer a glimpse into a world where uniqueness reigns supreme. Whether you seek a baby name that echoes tradition or desire a moniker that stands out with its rarity, these baby names selections are a treasure trove of captivating options, promising to bestow your little one with a name as exceptional as she is. If you’re on the quest for unique baby names or baby girl names, especially ‘e names,’ this list provides a range of options that captivate with their individuality.

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1. Edaena

Origin: Anglo-Saxon
Meaning: Blessed
Similar names: Earlene

2. Edeline

Origin: German
Meaning: Noble, nobility
Similar names: Ellie

3. Edie

Origin: English
Meaning: Rich in war
Similar names: Eden

4. Edlyn

Origin: Anglo-Saxon
Meaning: Small, noble one
Similar names: Edythe

5. Edolie

Origin: English
Meaning: Noble
Similar names: Edwina

6. Edris

Origin: Anglo-Saxon
Meaning: Wealthy ruler
Similar names: Ember

7. Effie

Origin: Greek name
Meaning: Well-spoken
Similar names: Esther

8. Eila

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Oak tree
Similar names: Everleigh

9. Eilwen

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Fair brow
Similar names: Eileen

10. Eira

Origin: Norwegian
Meaning: Merciful
Similar names: Edith

11. Eiriana

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Silver
Similar names: Edna

12. Elaena

Origin: Greek variant of Helen
Meaning: Shining light
Similar names: Elinor

13. Elendra

Origin: Invented name
Similar names: Eleanor

14. Elida

Origin: Norse
Meaning: Fast sailing ship
Similar names: Elaine

15. Elin

Origin: Swedish
Meaning: Bright, shining light
Similar names: Eleni

16. Elira

Origin: Albanian
Meaning: To be free
Similar names: Electra

17. Elisana

Origin: Invented name
Similar names: Elizabeth

18. Elita

Origin: Old English name
Meaning: To choose
Similar names: Elissa

19. Ellera

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Cheerful
Similar names: Ella

20. Ellery

Origin: English
Meaning: Alder tree
Similar names: Ellen

21. Ellette

Origin: Anglo-Saxon
Meaning: Little elf
Similar names: Ellis

22. Elodia

Origin: Spanish and Italian
Meaning: Foreign riches
Similar names: Elisabeth

23. Eloisa

Origin: Spanish and Italian
Meaning: Healthy, wide
Similar names: Elara

24. Elowen

Origin: Cornish
Meaning: Elm
Similar names: Eloise

25. Else

Origin: Norwegian
Meaning: God is my oath
Similar names: Elsie

26. Elula

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Sixth month on the Hebrew calendar
Similar names: Elena

27. Elza

Origin: Hebrew name
Meaning: Noble
Similar names: Eliza

28. Elya

Origin: Slavic
Meaning: Bright, shining light
Similar names: Elisabetta

29. Embry

Origin: English
Meaning: Flat-topped hill
Similar names: Emilia

30. Emerae

Origin: Invented name
Similar names: Emily

31. Emina

Origin: Albanian
Meaning: Truth
Similar names: Emma

32. Ena

Origin: Maori
Meaning: A female by whom evil was introduced into the world
Similar names: Emanuella

33. Endellion

Origin: Cornish
Meaning: Fire soul
Similar names: Emerson

34. Enid

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Spirit
Similar names: Elise

35. Enise

Origin: Turkish
Meaning: Friendly, friend
Similar names: Elmira

36. Esha

Origin: Sanskrit
Meaning: Desire
Similar names: Elvira

37. Esly

Origin: Invented name
Similar names: Essie

38. Esmerelda

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Emerald
Similar names: Esme

39. Esra

Origin: Turkish
Meaning: Help or helper
Similar names: Erica

40. Este

Origin: Persian
Meaning: Star
Similar names: Esperanza

41. Eulalia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Well-spoken
Similar names: Estrella

42. Evada

Origin: Invented name
Similar names: Eva

43. Evadne

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Well, good
Similar names: Evi

44. Evelie

Origin: Invented name
Similar names: Evelyn

45. Evaliese

Origin: Invented name
Similar names: Eve

46. Evelina

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Desired; or water, island
Similar names: Estella

47. Evren

Origin: Turkish
Meaning: The universe, cosmos
Similar names: Emery

48. Evza

Origin: Czech
Meaning: Wellborn or noble
Similar names: Elektra

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