Arye Meaning and Origin

The name Arye is a boy’s name meaning “lion” and is of Hebrew origin. Arye or Arieh is a guard who is killed along with king Pekahiah of Israel by an assassin named Pekah, a royal officer who subsequently becomes king (2 Kings 15:25). The name Arye was common during the middle ages and is often associated with the name Judah, from Genesis (49:9). In Jewish tradition, the lion is often used as a symbol of strength and courage, and the name Arye is sometimes given to boys in the hope that they will embody these qualities. The name Arye has a long history and is found in various forms throughout Jewish literature and tradition. In the Bible, the name Ariel is used as a poetic name for Jerusalem, and is sometimes interpreted as meaning “lion of God”. In the Talmud, the name Aryeh appears as the name of several prominent rabbis and scholars. Today, the name Arye remains a popular choice for Jewish boys, both in Israel and in the Jewish diaspora. It has also gained some popularity among non-Jewish parents who are drawn to its strong and distinctive sound.

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