Grayson Meaning and Origin

The name Grayson is a boy’s name meaning “son of a steward” and is of English origin. Grayson comes from the Middle English grayve descended from the cognate Old Norse word greifi “a count, earl, steward.” Grayson came into use as surname and given name in the 18th century but didn’t reach popularity until the mid-20th century. Grayson has been gaining popularity as a given name since the 1990s in the United States, and it has since become a top 50 name for baby boys. It has also been used as a name for girls in recent years, but it is still more commonly used for boys. The recent name popularity can be attributed mainly to the use of surnames as to first names and the popularity of names ending in -son, such as Addison, Jackson, Mason, Madison, Hudson, and Carson. Some notable people with the name Grayson include Grayson Perry, an English artist and Grayson McCouch, an American actor. There are also several fictional characters named Grayson, including Dick Grayson, also known as Robin, the sidekick of Batman in the DC Comics universe. Grayson is a stunning surname-turned-first-name that is fashionable and strong. 

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