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Vikings were the seafaring Norse people of Scandinavia that hailed from what is now known as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Names taken from the early Viking settlers are still common today throughout Scandinavia. Norse names are as storied as the culture surrounding them, with many relating to nature and mythology. So whether you’re a fan of Viking culture or just want a Scandinavian name to honor your roots, you’ll want to check out our list of classic and modern names with Norse roots for your little Viking.

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Fear protector
This Norwegian name isn’t connected to old Norse gods, but its ancient origins and history are part of its subtle charm.



Eagle wood
In Ancient Scandinavian, this name was Anviðr, and this is a lovely masculine name that comes with a robust royal background. 



Father of peace
Axel is an international name related to the better-known Alexander.



Sword of fire
We like to think of Brander as an accessible name that seems both trendy but isn’t too familiar.



A name that sounds powerful and strong, and we especially like this name for a new little brother.



This name is now widespread in the UK thanks to the Norse invasions. It comes originally from the Old Norse nickname ‘Koli,’ meaning ‘dark’ or ‘coal.’’ It was a name borrowed from the Vikings for a person with a dark complexion or weather-beaten face.



Bought land
A surname turned first name connected to the Old Norse language.



Brave warrior or thor’s stone
This name comes from the Old Norse word Þórstæinn a combination of ‘bor’ and ‘stein,’ translating as ‘thunder’ and ‘stone’ and is related to the Norse god of thunder.



Always alive
While it isn’t a common name, we think it has a modern and Scandinavian vibe that some parents might find adventurous.



One warrior
Einar is consistently prevalent in Scandinavia but hasn’t appeared in the USA charts since the beginning of the 20th century. This name shares the same roots as einherjar, the word for the slain warriors in Valhalla. 



Foreigner, stranger
This name is popular in Scandinavia but very rarely heard in the States, making this one extra special for baby boy.



Finnish tribe name and language
This may be the only Finnish name on our list, but its modern trendy sound gives life to this ancient Norse-named tribe.



Triangular-shaped hill
Originating from Norse origins, this French name has a soft sound and simply sounds warm and inviting.



Son of a steward
This is a name you probably haven’t always associated with the Vikings, but it is derived from the cognate Old Norse word greifi “a count, earl, steward.”



Goth staff
One of the more powerful male Viking names on this list, this name basically means the Goths or weapons of the Gods.



Shape changer
A name with an English sound Hemming is derived from the Old Norse word hamr ‘shape’ or ‘shape changer.’



Spear island
Not only is it a strong-sounding name, but it also embodies strength. It’s of Scandinavian descent from Norse and means “spear island.”



Ing famous
For the parent who is willing to take a risk, Ingear is a name that guarantees no one else on the playground will have.



Angle raven
Strong sounding, yes, but we also think some might find it honorable and caring.



Bow army
This name has a rich history among Kings, warriors, and other famous figures of folklore. 



Heir, descendant
A Viking name that comes from the word “ancestor.” Usually, this name pays homage to a forebear in the family as a way to show respect to your ancestors.



For parents who are raising a fighter, the name Manning is a perfect moniker.



The name of a Norse deity
Looking for a strong mythology name for a baby boy? Njord might be the perfect candidate.



Ancestor, heir
Thor is probably the best-known of all the male Viking names – and for a good reason, but why not consider Olaf an equally short and powerful name that’s way under the radar.



Today, this title is still common enough that you’ve probably heard of it before now, but it’s more common in Scandinavian countries.



God spear
Parents who want a classic and familiar name with Norse roots will probably be attracted to the name Oscar which has a traditional sound with an old-world vibe.



Blade or terror
A ferocious name that has a lot of bark but not too much bite, Olaf is a short name that has a lot of power.



Bear god or god’s power
This name sounds modern while still holding credit as an ancient name from Scandinavia.



A popular Viking name all across Scandinavia, made popular by the success of the Vikings TV show.



Blackbird or dark
This powerful name is gaining more popularity in recent years thanks to its presence in popular culture.



Rowan tree
This name is unmatched in how absolutely cool it is; we also love that it can be used for a boy or girl.



Secret lore
Rune was the first writing system used by the Norse people. A rune has both a mystical significance and a literal meaning.



This is probably one of the better-known Norse names on our list, though still not over-used.



This name also can go with lots of different last names, as it’s universally disarming and sincere.



God of thunder
A pretty heroic name for your little dude, Thor is the hammer-wielding god of thunder and lightning.



Thunder bear
A name that could be easily adapted to the English-speaking world, this title reflects power and strength.



Thor stone
This name has a reference to Thor with a heroic ring to it.



Thor spear
A mythological name that is perfect for parents who are obsessed with Norse Mythology.

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