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Wylie Meaning and Origin

Wylie is a unisex name of Scottish origin, meaning: “resolute protection. A diminutive of William. Alternatively, the name Wylie has multiple origins and variations. It is derived from different languages, including English, Scottish, and Old English. In general, Wylie is thought to be a variant of the surname “Wiley” or “Wyley.” In Scottish Gaelic, the name “Wylie” is believed to be derived from the Old Gaelic surname “Uilleag” or “Uilleach.” It can be a variation of the surname MacUilleim, meaning “son of William.” In English, Wylie is typically associated with a place name. It is derived from the Old English word “wilig,” meaning “willow.” The name could indicate someone who lived near a willow tree or had a connection to a willow tree in some way. This unisex name is traditionally used for boys, but we think it makes a fresh and upbeat choice for a girl. 

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