Rare and Unique Scottish Baby Names Straight from the Highlands

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Like Ireland, Scotland is home to some of the coolest yet timeless baby names we’ve ever heard, making it a perfect place for name inspiration. And for many parents, it’s essential to include their family heritage when naming their child. Scottish names are also great if you’re looking for a familiar-sounding name unique with a rich history. To help, we’ve curated a list of 50 adorable yet rare and uncommon monikers straight from the Highlands to add to your list.

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Scottish Baby Names for Girls


1. Adaira

by the oak tree ford
This moniker strikes a nice balance between being eclectic and simple. 


2. Aileana

from the green meadow
This name is great if you love subtle nature-inspired names. 


3. Ailsa

elf victory
This name a tried and true Scots name, with Viking origins referring to a volcanic island and gannet colony, Ailsa Craig. 


4. Aisling

dream, vision
This beautiful name is credited with being the origin of the name Ashley.


5. Annella

grace or favor
A gorgeous feminine name that feels similar to Annebelle but is less popular and comes with the adorable nickname “Nellie”. 


6. Cailean

Its similarity to other popular titles like Jalen and Caden makes the name feel familiar and unique at the same time. 


7. Caitriona

A popular Scottish choice pronounced “Katrina” is the Gaelic form of Katherine.


8. Coira

seething pool
This Irish baby name sounds similar to the more popular Cora but stands out as a pretty pick for girls. 


9. Dallis

from the dales; the valley meadows
A variation of Dallas that seems more feminine and frilly. 


10. Finola

white, fair shoulder
This gorgeous pick for a girl sounds right out of a storybook. 


11. Iona

place name
Iona is a place name of Scottish origin. The name Iona is simple yet strong, taken from a group of small islands off the coast of Scotland, where Saint Columba founded a monastery.


12. Islay

place name
Islay is a place name of Scottish origin. A gorgeous alternative to Isla, this name comes from one of Scotland’s most beautiful islands. 


13. Kenna

born of fire, handsome
Kenna is an excellent option for those looking for a unique version of the name Kendall.


14. Lileas

A popular Scottish name with a magical history was the name of the last known witch of Scotland.


15. Lorna

laurel tree
A feminine form of Lorne and from the Scottish place name Lorn. Lorna is a great option for those wanting something short and sweet with vintage vibes. 


16. Machara

Machara is a rare Scottish name that we think deserves a second glance. It’s a vibrant and resonant name that has a warm and direct sound. 


17. Mysie

pearl, child of light
We love this Scottish variation on Margaret.


18. Nessa

from the headland
Nessa is a gorgeous variation on Agnes. Nessa comes from the name of the mother of an ancient Irish king.


19. Nighean

young woman
Nighean is a unique unisex option that sounds like a unique alternative to its Irish cousin Meghan.


20. Saundra

defender of men
This title has an air of strength to it. 


21. Sawney

defender of men
Adorable and classically Scottish, this unisex name is lively, cheeky, and energetic. 


22. Seona

God is gracious
This name sounds like a Scottish version of Sienna and is an excellent option if you are looking for something with religious undertones. 


23. Torra

from the castle
A gorgeous name with a regal ring to it fit for your future princess. 


24. Vanora

white wave
This exotic-sounding moniker is perfect for an extraordinary, otherworldly little girl.


25. Wylie

resolute protection
This unisex name is traditionally used for boys, but we think it makes a fresh and upbeat choice for a girl. 


Scottish Baby Names for Boys


26. Alastair

defender of the people
A charming Scottish variation of the popular name Alexander. 


27. Bretton

a native of Brittany France
This name is strong, sophisticated, and friendly.


28. Brochan

For a confident boy who’s guaranteed to turn heads when he’s older. 


29. Brodrick

descendant of Bruadar
With nickname options like Brodie and Rick, this name proves to be pretty versatile. 


30. Callum

This precious moniker is as soft and lovely as its meaning. 


31. Camdan

from the winding valley
Camdan is a modern and trendy name that is the perfect alternative to Cameron or Caden. 


32. Dalzell

bright or white
Dalzell is a unisex baby name that appeals to modern tastes while still nodding to Scottish roots. 


33. Ellair

butler or steward
 A refreshing alternative to popular boys “E” names like Elijah or Ethan. 


34. Eunan

born of yew; youth
Another great “E” option for parents looking to honor their Scottish roots.


35. Fergus

man of force
A perfect name for your tiny force-to-be-reckoned-with! 


36. Iagan

little fire
Iagan is a unique option for the brightest baby around. 


37. Hamish

A classic name option still popular in Scotland today, this charming pick is the Scots version of James. 


38. Kendrix

royal chieftain
An empowering moniker feels both classic and edgy, which is perfect for a baby to grow into. 


39. Leathan

For a rugged, adventurous, outdoorsy little boy.


40. Lyall

It has a reputation as being posh and sophisticated, though it also feels playful. 

41. Maclean

servant of Saint John
Though it’s a Scottish name with a lot of history, it feels current and fresh. 


42. Munro

man from the River Roe
Lovely and classic without sounding too weird. 


43. Naughton

For a thoughtful, kind-natured, generous boy. 


44. Neilan

Your little fighting spirit will be a gift to the family and all he meets. 


45. Ossian

This name exhibits a bold, independent spirit. 


46. Pherson

to be employed by a parson
For those parents wanting a preppy-sounding name, Pherson fits the bill. 


47. Rosston

Traditional yet offbeat, this name is an easy one of our favorites. 


48. Shaw

Shaw makes a beautiful nature-inspired name for your little boy.


49. Teigue

poet or philosopher
Teigue is going to be a poet, and he doesn’t even know it. 


50. Torion

from the craggy hills
It has a bit of a Viking feel to it, actually, but this Scottish boy’s name will certainly help your little one stand out on the playground. 


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