25 Adorable Irish Names for Boys That Aren’t Popular

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We found 25 adorable Irish names for boys that aren’t popular. They are quaint and quirky without being over the top but are still exotic in their own right. Whether you’re Irish or are looking for something Irish that’s not Aiden, Declan, or Quinn, then this list is just for you.

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1. Antrim

2. Ardal

3. Bran

4. Brexton

5. Cillian

6. Cullen

7. Cuyler

8. Dacey

9. Donal

10. Flanagan

11. Gilby

12. Lonan

13. Kelan

14. Mannix

15. Nealon

16. Niall

17. Osian

18. Piran

19. Renny

20. Riordan

21. Sionn

22. Sorley

23. Tiergan

24. Tullis

25. Ultan

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