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15 Super Rare Irish Boys Names Nobody is Using

Ireland is full of rich history and exciting legends, making it the perfect place to find unique baby names. And while Irish names are a pretty common thing in the United States, there are still many Irish boys’ names that have gone unnoticed by American parents. Whether you are getting in touch with your Irish roots or want a name that has a hint of magic, there is no better place to look than the Emerald Isle. With so many adorable Irish baby boy names to choose from, we’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorite rare and almost unheard of Irish names to help you decide.

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1. Bradan

The name Bradan means “salmon” and is of Irish origin. Bradan is a name with a familiar ring that is less popular than Brandon and Brendon.


2. Brogan

The name Brogan means “badger” and is of Irish origin. A name so cute it’s aww-worthy, and bonus, it sounds like a combination of Brody and Logan.


3. Cashel

The name Cashel means “fortress” and is of Irish origin. For those looking for an Irish baby name that is just as unique as it is adventurous, Cashel is perfect. The Irish baby boy name seamlessly lends itself to the cute and on-trend nickname Cash.


4. Conlan

The name Conlan means “hero” and is of Irish origin. Conlan is a name with valiant undertones, and its similarity to other popular monikers like Collin and Cullen makes it feel familiar and unique at the same time.


5. Devlin

The name Devlin means “descendant of the unlucky one” and is of Irish origin. This Irish’s meaning is a bit of a downer, but this less popular take on Devon has a ring to it and can easily be turned into a girl’s name by spelling it Devlyn.


6. Driscol

The name Driscol means “descendant of the messenger” and is of Irish origin. Could Driscol be the new Declan? With its cool sound, we see this unique and underused name becoming a hit in the future.


7. Gannon

The name Gannon means “son of the fair-haired one” and is of Irish origin. The Gannon is darling but feels rugged, adventurous, and retro at the same time. 


8. Hagan

The name Hagan means “little fire” and is of Irish origin. A decidedly trendy and fitting name for a boy who will have a firey spark for life.


9. Keiron

Have a little brunette on your hands? Keiron is a spelling variation of Kieran that means “dark-haired one” — and what’s a better fit than that? The name isn’t widely used in the United States, but it is very popular in Ireland and England.


10. Mannix

The name Mannix means “little monk” and is of Irish origin. With its peaceful meaning and straightforward pronunciation, Mannix is an excellent choice for any baby boy, especially if you are looking for something edgy and unconventional.


11. Nevan

The name Nevan means “saintly” and is of Irish origin. It’s similar to Kevin — but, well, different, too. Any boy would be lucky to grow up with such a unique Irish boys’ name hailing from old folklore.


12. Quinlan

The name Quinlan means “shapely, strong, or descendant of Caoinlean” and is of Irish origin. A balance of poetic and robust, any fearless boy is worthy of the name Quinlan.


13. Rourke

The name Rourke means “illustrious and mighty” and is of Irish origin. Rourke fits well with the modern trend toward surnames-as-first-names, for those who are fans of the style.


14. Tiernan

The name Tiernan means “little lord” and is of Irish origin. This powerful Irish boys’ name has never been super popular in the US. Fortunately, that makes the title even more unique when used here.


15. Ultan

The name Ultan means “a man from Ulster” and is of Irish origin. With a strong tone and exotic vibe, Ultan is an uncommon choice just ripe for the picking.

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