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Piran Meaning and Origin

Piran is a boy’s name of Irish origin, meaning: “prayer.” In Irish mythology, Piran (also spelled as Perran) is associated with Saint Piran, the patron saint of tin miners. According to legend, Saint Piran was an Irish abbot who discovered tin deposits in Cornwall, England. His name is sometimes used as a given name in Cornwall and among those with Cornish heritage. In Persian, “Piran” means “old” or “elderly.” It is often used as a descriptive term for someone who is respected due to their age or wisdom. In the Gujarati language spoken in India, “piran” refers to a pair of trousers or pants. Piran is also a coastal town in Slovenia known for its Venetian architecture and beautiful Adriatic Sea views. The name Piran is derived from the Slovenian word “pira,” which means “stake” or “peninsula.” It could be a given name inspired by the town’s name or have ancestral ties to the region.

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