Bran Meaning and Origin

Bran (BRAHN or BRAN) is a boy’s name of Celtic origin meaning: “raven” or “crow.” The name Bran has origins in multiple cultures, including Irish, Welsh, and English. In Irish and Welsh mythology, Bran is derived from the Old Irish word “brán” or the Welsh word “brenhin,” both of which mean “raven.” The raven is often associated with wisdom, prophecy, and protection in Celtic folklore. In English, Bran is also believed to be a short form of the name Brandon, which is derived from the Old English word “brom” meaning “broom” or “gorse.” In Irish mythology, Bran is the name of a heroic figure known as Bran the Blessed or Bran mac Febail. He is associated with the supernatural and is often depicted as a giant and a king of the Otherworld. Bran is famous for his journey to the magical island of Tír na nÓg (the Land of Youth) and his role in various epic tales. In Welsh mythology, Bran is also a significant character. Bran the Blessed is a giant and king of Britain. He is revered for his wisdom, protection, and connection to ravens. In the Mabinogion, an ancient collection of Welsh myths, Bran is known for his self-sacrifice and his severed head, which possesses the power of prophecy. The name Bran carries several symbolic meanings associated with wisdom, protection, and mystical qualities. Ravens are often regarded as intelligent birds, capable of foresight and communication with the divine. As such, the name Bran is linked to qualities such as wisdom, insight, and prophetic abilities. In modern times, the name Bran continues to be used in various cultures, particularly in Ireland, Wales, and English-speaking countries. It is appreciated for its historical and mythological connections, as well as its distinctive sound. It reminds us of Celtic mythology and Game of Thrones.

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