Darragh Meaning and Origin

The name Darragh is a boy’s name meaning “oak” and is of Irish and Scottish origin. In Irish, it is spelled “Dáire” or “Doire,” and its meaning is often interpreted as “oak tree” or “oakwood.” The oak tree holds significant symbolism in Celtic culture, representing strength, endurance, and wisdom. The name Darragh has its roots in ancient Celtic and Gaelic traditions. It has been used as a given name in Ireland for centuries, passed down through generations and often associated with noble qualities due to its connection to the mighty oak. The popularity of the name Darragh has varied over time. In Ireland, it has been a moderately popular name, experiencing fluctuations in usage in different periods. Beyond Ireland, the name might be less common or less recognized, but its charm lies in its unique Gaelic heritage. Darragh is a name that exudes strength, rootedness, and resilience. Its association with the oak tree adds a layer of natural symbolism, linking the name to steadfastness and the ability to weather life’s challenges. 

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