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Dalzell Meaning and Origin

The name Dalzell is a unisex name meaning “bright or white, meadow of God” and is of Scottish origin. It is derived from the place name “Dalziel,” which refers to a small village located near the town of Motherwell in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. The name “Dalziel” itself has Gaelic roots and is believed to mean “meadow of God.” Historically, individuals with the surname Dalzell were associated with the landed gentry and nobility in Scotland. They held various positions of power and influence throughout the centuries. The surname Dalzell has several alternative spellings, including Dalziel, Dalzell, Dalsiel, Dalsell, and Dailly. Dalzell is a unisex baby name that appeals to modern tastes while still nodding to Scottish roots.

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