Most Elegant Girl Names Ever

30 of the Most Elegant Girl Names Ever

Graceful, timeless, and effortlessly sophisticated, the quest for an elegant baby name for your little girl is a pursuit steeped in charm and refinement, especially if you’re seeking a vintage touch. In this curated collection, we present 30 of the most exquisitely elegant girl names, each a masterpiece of poise and grace. These vintage names transcend eras, resonating with a classic allure that stands the test of time. From names adorned with regal sophistication to those that exude a delicate, ethereal charm, this list captures the essence of elegance in its purest form. Discover these vintage names that evoke an air of sophistication and grace, each a perfect embodiment of timeless beauty waiting to adorn your little princess. If you’re on the lookout for vintage baby names with an elegant touch, this list provides a selection of timeless options that exude grace and sophistication.

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1. Alexandra

Greek origin, meaning: Defender of men
You may also like: Annabelle

2. Anastasia

Russian origins, meaning: Resurrection
You may also like: Luciana

3. Arabella

Latin name, meaning: To pray or prayer
You may also like: Elise

4. Athena

Ancient Greek mythology, meaning: Goddess of wisdom and warfare
You may also like: Antoinette

5. Aurora

Latin origin, meaning: Dawn
You may also like: Audrey

6. Aurelia

Latin origin, meaning: Golden
You may also like: Angelica

7. Beatrice

Latin origin, meaning: Bringer of happiness
You may also like: Lucinda


8. Charlotte

French origin, meaning: Free man
You may also like: Cora

9. Clara

Latin origin, meaning: Clear, or bright
You may also like: Daphne

10. Cordelia

Latin, Celtic origin, meaning: Heart, daughter of the sea
You may also like: Camille

11. Diana

Latin origin, meaning: Divine
You may also like: Clementine

12. Eloise

French origin, meaning: Famous warrior
You may also like: Elizabeth

13. Evangeline

Latin origin, meaning: Gospel
You may also like: Natalia

14. Evelyn

English origin, meaning: Wished for child
You may also like: Margaret

15. Francesca

Italian origin, meaning: Free man
You may also like: Louisa

16. Genevieve

Celtic origin, meaning: Woman of race
You may also like: Cassandra

17. Grace

Latin origin, meaning: Gracious
You may also like: Francesca

18. Isabelle

French origin, meaning: Pledged to God
You may also like: Jacqueline

19. Juliette

French origin, meaning: Youthful
You may also like: Lily

20. Katerina

Russian origin, meaning: Pure
You may also like: Katherine

21. Madeline

English origin, meaning: Of Magdala
You may also like: Margot

22. Mirabelle

French origin, meaning: Wonderous, lovely
You may also like: Aurora

23. Olivia

Latin origin, meaning: Olive tree
You may also like: Violetta

24. Ophelia

Greek name, meaning: Help
You may also like: Laurel

25. Penelope

Greek, meaning: Weaver
You may also like: Pearl

26. Seraphina

Hebrew name, meaning: Burning ones
You may also like: Sophia

27. Valentina

Latin origin, meaning: Healthy
You may also like: Tatiana

28. Victoria

Latin origin, meaning: Victory
You may also like: Violet

29. Vivienne

French origin, meaning: Life
You may also like: Viola

30. Wilhelmina

German origin, meaning: Will-helmet
You may also like: Tabitha

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