Aileana Meaning and Origin

This name is great if you love subtle nature-inspired names. The name Aileana is a girl’s name meaning “from the green meadow, shining light” and is of Scottish origin. In Scotland, it is often considered a variation of the name “Eileen,” which itself is derived from the Gaelic name “Eibhlin” or “Aibhilin.” Aileana is pronounced “eye-lee-AN-uh” or “eye-LEE-nuh.” In Gaelic, Aileana may be associated with the word “ailin,” which means “sunbeam” or “bright, shining light.” Another potential origin for Aileana comes from the Old Irish word “ail,” which means “rock” or “stone.” As such, Aileana could be seen as meaning “little rock” or “little stone,” symbolizing strength, stability, and resilience.

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