Lyall Meaning and Origin

The name Lyall is a boy’s name meaning “wolf and is of Scottish origin. Lyall is derived from the Old Norse personal name Liulfr, which means “wolf”. It was introduced to Scotland by Scandinavian settlers and became a popular given name among the Scottish nobility in the Middle Ages. Lyall is a unisex name, although it is more commonly used for boys than girls. It is not a very common name in modern times, but it has been used by notable individuals throughout history, including the Scottish writer Andrew Lyall and the Australian artist Sir William Lyall. There are several variations of the name, including Lyle and Lisle, which are more commonly used in English-speaking countries. Lyle is also a surname that has been adopted as a given name. It has a reputation as being posh and sophisticated, though it also feels playful. 

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