Kenna Meaning and Origin

The name Kenna is a girl’s name meaning “born of fire, handsome” and is of Scottish origin. The name “Kenna” is a variant of the name “Kennedy.” It is derived from the Gaelic surname “Ó Cinnéide,” which means “descendant of Cinnédidh.” The name “Cinnédidh” itself is thought to be a combination of the elements “cinn,” meaning “head” or “chief,” and “édidh,” meaning “ugly” or “face.” However, the exact etymology and meaning can vary based on different interpretations. Kenna is a charming and melodic name that is considered modern and unique, while also having a historical connection through its Irish roots. The name carries a sense of individuality and character, making it a popular choice for parents looking for names that stand out but aren’t overly unconventional. Kenna is gradually gaining popularity in English-speaking countries. It is not one of the most common names but has been increasingly used over the years. It often appeals to parents who want a name that sounds contemporary yet holds a touch of tradition. Famous People Named Kenna: Kenna Zemedkun: Known mononymously as Kenna, he is an Ethiopian-born American musician, producer, and philanthropist.

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