Leathan Meaning and Origin

The name Leathan is a boy’s name meaning “river, broad” and is of Scottish and Irish origin. The name Leathan is derived from the Gaelic word “leathan,” which means “broad” or “wide.” This name encapsulates the idea of expansiveness, both in a physical sense and metaphorically in terms of personality and perspectives. Leathan finds its roots in Gaelic languages, particularly in Scottish and Irish cultures. The Gaelic word “leathan” literally translates to “broad” or “wide.” The name’s connection to nature’s expanses and its metaphorical connotation of openness aligns with the landscapes and seascapes of the Gaelic regions, where the sense of vastness is prevalent. Leathan is a relatively uncommon name and might not be widely recognized. It could be considered a distinctive and memorable choice due to its meaningful and evocative nature-inspired association.

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