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Crew Meaning and Origin

The name Crew is a boy’s word name of English origin. The origin of the name Crew can be traced back to medieval England, where it was originally a surname derived from the Old English word “crewa,” which meant a group or company of people. The name was likely used to denote a group of people with a shared profession or a team working on a specific task. It is also a rowing sport and the name of a clothing brand, J. Crew. Crew pairs well with the middle name Frederick.   The name Crew has experienced a notable surge in popularity as a given name in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Its rise to fame can be attributed to its association with celebrity culture, as several high-profile celebrities have chosen Crew as the name for their children. While its usage as a given name is still relatively uncommon compared to more traditional names, it has become more recognizable and accepted as a modern and stylish choice for baby boys.

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