Zera Meaning and Origin

Zera is a girl’s name meaning “seed” and is of Hebrew origin. The name “Zera” has intriguing origins and a rich etymology. It is primarily considered a unisex name with multiple cultural and linguistic influences. One prominent origin of the name can be traced back to Hebrew and Arabic roots. In Hebrew, “Zera” means “seed” or “offspring.” This term holds profound symbolism, representing the potential for growth, renewal, and the continuation of life. Zera is a name that carries an air of mystique and timeless elegance. Its succinct yet resonant sound lends itself well to both modern and traditional sensibilities. This name encapsulates the concept of beginnings and possibilities, reminding us of the inherent potential within every individual. Zera is a name that has maintained a level of rarity and uniqueness, making it a distinctive choice for those seeking a name that stands out. Famous People: Zera Yacob – A 17th-century Ethiopian philosopher who is considered one of the earliest African philosophers to have written his ideas in an indigenous African language. Zera Luther Williams – An American economist and educator known for his work on economic development, particularly in Africa. Zera Folley – A former professional heavyweight boxer who competed in the 1960s and is remembered for his sportsmanship and dedication to the sport.

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