Lira Meaning and Origin

The name Lira is a girl’s name meaning balance and is of Spanish and Italian origin. The name Lira translates to libra in Latin. The term “lira” originated from the Italian currency, which was used in Italy until it was replaced by the euro in 2002. In Latin, “lira” means “lyre,” a musical instrument resembling a small harp. It represents creativity, artistry, and a harmonious nature. Lira is also a popular given name in Turkey, where it means “beloved” or “darling.” It is derived from the Arabic word “Al-‘Ira,” meaning “the eye’s eyelashes.” In Turkish, the name can be spelled as “Leyra” or “Leyre” as well. In Portuguese and Spanish, “lira” refers to a poetic form. It is a type of verse characterized by a fixed number of lines, syllables, and a specific rhyme scheme.

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