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Calandra Meaning and Origin

Calandra is a girl’s name of Greek and Italian origin, meaning “lark, beautiful woman.” It is derived from the Greek word “kalos,” which means “beautiful,” and the Latin word “andra,” which means “woman” or “female.” Thus, the combined meaning of Calandra can be interpreted as “beautiful woman” or “beautiful female.” The name Calandra has its roots in Italy, where it was likely first used as a given name. Italy has a rich history of names with musical and poetic qualities, and Calandra is no exception. Over time, the name has spread beyond Italy’s borders and gained some popularity in other regions as well. Calandra is an elegant and melodic name that exudes beauty and femininity. Its Greek and Latin origins lend it a sense of classical charm. The name evokes images of a sophisticated and graceful individual with a strong personality and a keen appreciation for art and culture. 

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