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25 Stylish Girl Names That are Sure to Turn Heads

If you’re looking for a stylish baby girl name, you’ve come to the right place. Selecting a baby name that feels truly unique in 2021 is no easy feat. For a baby name to be stylish, it doesn’t have to be trendy or even popular. After all, what’s popular right now might not be popular forever. In this article, we have an eclectic selection of names for little girls that range from unheard of to popular classic. So, if you’re looking for a fashionably stylish name, we’re confident that you’re going to find a chic, diverse and creative title for your little girl that will leave you swooning. Click through to see our favorites.

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1. Aeliana

Sun (Latin)
It’s a unique name that can be balanced out by a more common but still adorable nickname like Allie, Ana, or Lia.
You may also like: Caliana, Ameliana, Liliana, Anastasia
, Antoinette


2. Alora

The Lord is my light (Spanish, Arabic, Italian, African)
We love how pretty and free-flowing this name sounds. It’s a relatively uncommon name that we could end up seeing a lot more in the coming years.
You may also like: Adora, Eliora, Liora, Evelyn


3. Arlia

It’s a name right in the middle of popular and unusual, and we love the sweet Southern chicness of this modern name.
You may also like: Arla, Evelia, Ardelia
, Valentina, Sophia


4. Astra

Star (Greek, Latin)
Astra is a stylish choice with a compelling sound and a chic vibe.
You may also like: Asta, Astoria, Astrid
, Evangeline


5. Bexley

Box-tree clearing (English)
Bexley is a less common choice for parents drawn to the popular –ley sound at the end of a name but want to avoid Riley, Hailey, or Emily.
You may also like: Loxley, Britley, Wrenley
, Blair


6. Blakelyn

Dark lake (Invented)
If you’re looking for a name that’s recognizable but not exhausted, then Blakelyn may be the choice for you.
You may also like: Blakely, Lakely, Brezlyn
, Claire


7. Camora

Fuelled with sophistication, this name will be popular for parents looking for a unique name with an exotic feel for their newborn.
You may also like: Amora, Coira, Koralia
, Amara


8. Capria

Capstan, windlass (Italian)
Capria has a soft tone that instantly attracts you to its beauty, and its reminiscent of the beautiful island of Capri.
You may also like: Ambria, Caprice, Priya, Florence


9. Cleo

Glory (Greek mythology)
It’s a pretty vintage name that hasn’t been overused yet and might be the perfect chic choice for your little girl.
You may also like: Clelia, Chloe, Circe
, Edith


10. Ellera

Cheerful (Italian)
Meaning ‘cheerful’ there is nothing more fitting for a newborn baby girl. It’s definitely unique and gives a chic tone and stylish twist to the popular Ella.
You may also like: Viera, Ellery, Evera
, Estelle


11. Fia

Raven, deer, or wild (Italian, Irish, Scandinavian)
Fia is a super cute, not to mention chic name that evokes a sense of a girl who is independent, cool, and marches to the beat of her own drum.
You may also like: Efia, Faye, Freya
, Laurel, Charlotte


12. Gia

God’s gracious gift (Italian)
This name is short, sweet, and stylish. Rising in popularity, it truly is a name that is stylish and sophisticated, keeping with the trends of modern times.
You may also like: Pia, Gianna, Mia
, Natalia


13. Harlow

Hare’s meadow (English)
A stylish choice that’s beautiful and chic, we think this name will be staying in style for a very long time reaping popularity in the years to come.
You may also like: Marlowe, Harper, Willow
, Olive


14. Hollyn

Wooded land (Dutch)
Looking for a place name with some international flair? Hollyn could be a great choice, especially for parents who aren’t fans of the more popular place names like Madison and Aspen.
You may also like: Holly, Avelyn, Hazelyn
, Daphne


15. Illyria

Place name (Greek)
Another place-name that’s not played out, Illyria is a fresh, fashionable, and exotic choice.
You may also like: Aria, Ianira, Idalia, Isabella
, Olivia


16. Lira

Balance (Spanish, Italian)
Lira is a stylish baby girl name that is not currently very popular, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see that change in the coming years.
You may also like: Lera, Eira, Liora
, Sienna


17. Lucia

Light (Spanish, Italian)
Lucia is a perfect name choice for parents who like having a name with Spanish or Italian influences. This is also a great choice for people who like Lucy but want a little more flair.
You may also like: Lycia, Gracia, Lucinda, Victoria
, Cassandra


18. Mahalia

Tenderness (Hebrew)
This exotic name dates back centuries, but it is definitely a unique name fitting in perfectly in the modern world.
You may also like: Amaya, Malia, Milena
, Octavia


19. Preslee

Priest clearing (English)
If you are looking for a name cute yet feminine, Paisley ticks all the right boxes. We think this name will stay in style just like many other gorgeous baby girl names.
You may also like: Paisley, Paralee, Isilee, Scarlett


20. Reverie

Daydream (English)
A playful modern name that has yet to reach the popularity charts; however, this free-flowing, three-syllable name will make heads turn when they hear it.
You may also like: Ravenna, Rexine, Mavery
, Celine


21. Saren

Joyful, princess (Persian, Hebrew)
Saren is an unexpected girl name choice that is short, elegant, and strong.
You may also like: Maren, Wren, Manon
, Aurelia


22. Sloane

Raider (Irish)
With this fierce meaning behind the name, no wonder it is growing in popularity. Its stylish tone will be a perfect choice that will continue to be loved years on.
You may also like: Simone, Sutton, Salome
, Vivienne


23. Winslet

Wynn’s stream (English)
With its super cool sound, once you hear it once, it will stick with you forever, never going out of style.
You may also like: Winsome, Winora, Ainsley
, Colette


24. Zara

Princess (Hebrew, Arabic)
Not to be confused with the popular clothing chain, Zara is an exotic and modern name that totally gives us fashion vibes.

You may also like: Ara, Rozara, Yara, Celeste


25. Zoella

Complete life (combination name)
We are always looking for the next great Z name, and we think we found it with Zoella, an uncommon choice that combines two adorably chic names to give it a beautiful meaning.
You may also like: Zoralei, Zella, Zelda
, Pearl

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