Clelia Meaning and Origin

Unique and elegant, especially when said in Italian. The name Clelia is a girl’s name meaning “famous” and is of Italian via Latin origin. Clelia comes from Latin Cloelia, with the root of the verb cluere “to have renown, fame,”. The name was borne by a mythological heroine of early Roman history who according to legend, was given to an Etruscan invader but she managed to escape by swimming across the Tiber river. The name Clelia is currently not in the US top 1,000 names. Clelia pairs well with the middle name  Madison. Similar names to consider are CordeliaLaviniaTaliaCecilyCressida
Lists with the name Clelia: 24 Of The Prettiest Girl Names You Haven’t Heard, Beautiful And Elegant Latin Names For Girls

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clelia name meaning
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