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30 Uncommon Baby Girl Names

While choosing a popular baby name sounds great in theory, what about when your daughter is one of six Olivia’s in her class? To help, we’ve compiled a list of uncommon baby girl names. You won’t find the most popular names like Charlotte, Grace, Evelyn, Luna, or Harper on this list. So whether you’re seeking an uncommon girl name that stands out from the rest of the playground or a unique girl name that reflects your child’s individuality, we are sure you’ll love these lovely but rare unique baby girl names. Keep scrolling for our 30 faves.

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1. Abilene

Abilene means “grass” and is of Hebrew origin. This Southern-sounding name is a good choice for all those debutante belles out there. You may also like: Alice, Amabel, Anwen


2. Auraya

Auraya is a girl’s modern invented name. A combination of the name Aurora and Maya, it’s simple, pretty, and unique. You may also like: Aurelia, August, Acadia

3. Avely

Avely is a girl’s modern invented name. Parents who like the sound of names like Ava or Avery but who want a more unusual option may want to consider Avely, which still has yet to place in the US popularity charts. You may also like: Adora, Afreya, Avelyn


4. Bayla

Bayla is a Hebrew name meaning “bashful”. Fresh and unique, Bayla has earned a place on our list of cool baby girl names. You may also like: Bexley, Balia, Blythe


5. Belia

The name Belia means “beautiful” and is of Spanish origin. This is a lovely option for parents who like names ending in -ia but want to avoid the more popular options like Amelia or Olivia. You may also like: Birdie, Boheme, Brea


6. Bronwyn

The name Bronwyn means “white breast” and is of Irish origin. If Bronwyn feels too formal for your little one, the name does lend itself to the adorable nickname of Winnie. You may also like: Blake, Briar, Branna


7. Chandra

The name Chandra means “moon” and is of Sanskrit origin. This Sanskrit name means morning moon, which is a pretty magical image to have when thinking about your daughter. You may also like: Cadence, Calandra, Chara


8. Coral

The name Coral is a word name of English origin. There has probably never been a time when parents didn’t get name inspiration from nature! This is a name with staying power and a lovely sound that also works well for a middle name. You may also like: Jade, Cianna, Opal


9. Damaris

The name Damaris means “calf” and is of Greek origin. Here is a name that is about as old as can be but still remains fresh. Although it sounds like a Greek mythology name, it actually dates back to biblical times. You may also like: Raquel, Dalise, Davina


10. Dayanara

The name Dayanara means “forceful” and is of Spanish origin. It may be a little challenging to pronounce for some, but it sounds stunning. You may also like: Diana, Dalayna, Darya


11. Deirdre

The name Deirdre means “sorrows” and is of Irish origin. Deirdre brings up images of Ireland’s lush, green fields, so if your looking for a way to honor your heritage, consider Deirdre for your baby girl. You may also like: Blair, Delsa, Demi


12. Elowen

The name Elowen means “elm” and is of Cornish origin. Simple, yet a little bit mysterious, this name is a beautiful option for a little girl. You may also like: Juniper, Edeline, Elfleda


13. Elendra

The name Elendra is a modern invented name. Elendra is a divine name that’s too perfect to pass up. You may also like: Vera, Edda, Elda


14. Fauna

The name Fauna means “goddess of earth and fertility” and is of Latin origin. If you’re a fan of myths and legends, you might consider this option. You may also like: Nelly, Meadow, Fabrice


15. Galina

The name Galina means “calm” and is of Russian origin. If you’d like your little one’s life to be full of peacefulness, then this name could get her off to a beautiful start. You may also like: Faelina, Gaia, Karissa


16. Greer

The name Greer means “watchful” and is of Scottish origin. This sweet but quirky (in a good way) name is the perfect balance for a longer last name. You may also like: Glory, Garance, Arden


17. Halsey

The name Halsey means “hallowed island” and is of English origin. This gender-neutral baby name is perfect for parents who don’t want anything too feminine. You may also like: Harlow, Haidee, Renada


18. Irina

The name Irina means “peace” and is of Russian origin. We aren’t mind readers, but it’s pretty safe to assume all parents want their kids to be peaceful, right? You may also like: Ivy, Idalia, Brina


19. Islay

The name Islay is a place name of Scottish origin. Isabelle and Isla have been super popular in recent years. But similar name Islay hasn’t gained as much traction, so it might be a good choice for parents looking to choose something a bit less common. You may also like: Idony, Idra, Lumen


20. Keturah

The name Keturah means “incense” and is of Hebrew origin. This great name comes straight from the Bible and has been an attractive choice for girls ever since! You may also like: Kate, Kaisa, Eloah


21. Linnea

The name Linnea means “lime tree” and is of Swedish origin. This name is perfect for parents who want a name inspired by nature but want something less ordinary. You may also like: Lily, Lia, Svea


22. Malaia

The name Malaia means “one coming from Malay Archipelago” and is of Swahili origin. A beautifully feminine name that has a lyrical quality to it. You may also like: Larissa, Maelee, Kalama


23. Miana

The name Miana is a modern invented name. Parents who pick this one are also likely drawn to Mia as a cute nickname option. You may also like: Maia, Mahina, Baia


24. Oriana

The name Oriana means “golden” and is of Old French via Latin origin. Oriana is a more exotic and intriguing choice than names like Olivia and Ariana, one that might just start taking their place at the top. You may also like: Ophelia, Octavia, Adria


25. Rhiannon

The name Rhiannon means “divine queen” and is of Welsh origin. A past from the past that doesn’t need to stay there. And if Rhiannon is too much of a mouthful, parents can always opt for its equally cute nickname, Rhia. You may also like: Riley, Raia, Riana


26. Sylvie

The name Slyvie means “the spirit of the wood” and is of French origin. An alternative to Sophia, this name sounds chic and modern despite its old-school vibes. You may also like: Scarlett, Stormi, Sylvia


27. Tamsin

Tamsin is an English name meaning “twin”. A perfect name for a twin, and there probably won’t be many Tamsins running around on the playground. You may also like: Phoenix, London, Tacey


28. Theda

The name Theda means “people” and is of German origin. This moniker is surprisingly older than it sounds. It may sound like a modern name, but it’s actually been around for much longer than that. You may also like:  Persephone, Taddea, Talitha


29. Yvonne

The name Yvonne means “yew or tree” and is of French origin. Don’t let an old-fashioned name ruin a perfectly uncommon baby name. Yvonne is a beautiful name that evokes a sense of Parisian chic. You may also like: Violet, Yara, Yumi


30. Zhanna

The name Zhanna means “God is gracious” and is of Russian origin. A gorgeous variation of the biblical name Hannah but of course, you don’t have to be religious to choose this unique option. You may also like: Nia, Zafira, Zehava

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