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Edda Meaning and Origin

The name Edda is a girl’s name meaning “poetry” and is of Norse origin. Derived from Old Norse óðr, “poetry”. In Old Norse, the name Edda is derived from the term “Edda,” which refers to a collection of Old Norse poems and stories written by the Icelandic historian and poet Snorri Sturluson. The term “Edda” is believed to have been derived from the Old Norse word “edd,” which means “great-grandmother” or “great-aunt.” The primary association with the name Edda is the aforementioned Old Norse collection of poems and stories, often referred to as the “Poetic Edda” and the “Prose Edda.” These texts contain mythological tales, heroic legends, and information about the ancient Norse gods and heroes.  Edda is not among the most common names in many countries and has a relatively low usage rate.

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