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Thera Meaning and Origin

Thera is a girl’s place name of Greek origin. Thera is a Greek name, from Greek island name Thēra (Thíra) best known as Santorini, an island in the southern Aegean Sea. It was named after the mythical ruler of the island, Theras. Thera is believed to be derived from the Greek word “therizo,” meaning “to harvest” or “to reap.” It is also sometimes associated with the Greek word “ther” or “theros,” meaning “hot” or “fiery.” Thera could also represent a shortened form of Theresa. Thera is also a diminutive form of the Dutch name Theresia, which is the equivalent of Theresa in English. Theresia comes from the name Theresa, derived from the Greek name Theresia, which means “harvester” or “reaper.” Thera is a strong and feminine name that’s a fresh alternative to the increasingly popular Athena. Globe-trotting mamas will have to think about this elegant and distinctive Greek place name that has a wonderfully natural, down-to-earth feel. 

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