50 Unique Boy Names That Start with A

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Unique baby names can be hard to find, but it helps to start with a letter to narrow it down. If “A” happens to be the letter, there are tons of choices to chose from. While Alexander, Aiden, and Anthony are A names we’re all familiar with, there are several unique A-starting names from all cultures to add to your list. We’ve rounded up the most unique, unusual names that start with A for boys. The best part of these names is they are so uncommon; chances are you will ever run into anyone with the same name later down the road! Here are 50 genuinely unique baby boy names that start with the letter ‘A.’ Keep scrolling for your A-inspiration.


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1. Abner

2. Abriel

3. Aceyn

4. Adan

5. Adio

6. Adler

7. Adnan

8. Adwin

9. Afton

10. Alain

11. Alaric

12. Alastair

13. Alban

14. Alcide

15. Alcott

16. Alden

17. Aldous

18. Alger

19. Alirio

20. Alton

21. Amos

22. Amund

23. Aneirin

24. Anselm

25. Anson

26. Ares

27. Argo

28. Aries

29. Arion

30. Ariston

31. Arlington

32. Armin

33. Arno

34. Arrow

35. Artemas

36. Arvid

37. Aslan

38. Athan

39. Aster

40. Aston

41. Atley

42. Attwell

43. Auberon

44. Auden

45. Aurel

46. Aurelian

47. Avel

48. Avi

49. Avon

50. Azrael


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