Arion Meaning and Origin

The name Arion is a boy’s name meaning “divinely-bred immortal horse” and is of Greek origin. Alternatively it is derived from the Greek name “Αρίων,” which is believed to be related to the Greek word “αριστος” (aristos), meaning “the best” or “excellent.” In Greek mythology, Arion was the name of a talented and famous poet and musician, known for his exceptional skills in playing the lyre and singing. Arion is a relatively uncommon name but has seen some usage in different regions. Arion is a name rich in history and artistry, steeped in the legendary tales of ancient Greece. Its strong connection to music and poetry evokes a sense of creativity and talent, making it an excellent choice for parents who admire the arts. It’s also just straight-up cute for a baby and fascinating for an adult, making it a name a child can grow into.

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