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There’s no denying that your baby boy is the center of your universe, so why not choose a name for him that is out of this world? Our universe is vast and loaded with tons of name inspo from stars, galaxies, and planets; you have tons of options to choose from. Here are common and unique space-related names that are downright otherworldly.

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1. Acrux

Origin: A name combining star constellations of alpha and crux which means first or strongest and cross.


2. Aelius

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Sun 


3. Aero

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Of the sky


4. Aldrin

Origin: English
Meaning: Old and wise ruler
Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon. 


5. Alioth

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Fat tail of the sheep
Alioth is the brightest star in the Great Bear constellation, Ursa Major. It’s famous for being a navigational star often used by ancient sailors.


6. Altair

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Bird
Altair is in the Aquila constellation and is the 11th brightest star in the galaxy. 


7. Antares

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Rival to-Ares
The name of a giant red star; the brightest in the constellation Scorpio.


8. Apollo

Origin: Greek mythology name
Meaning: God of the sun
Apollo is known primarily in the U.S. as the NASA space program between 1961 and 1972, which took the first humans to the moon. 


9. Aquarius

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Cupbearer or water bearer
Aquarius is a constellation of the Zodiac and one of the oldest documented constellations.


10. Arche

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Beginning
Arche is the name of the moon that orbits around the planet Jupiter.


11. Argo

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Field, lazy, slothful
Argo Navis, or simply Argo, was a large constellation in the southern sky.


12. Ariel

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Lion of God
Ariel is also one of Uranus’ moons. It’s the fourth-largest to orbit this distant planet.


13. Aries

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Ram
A constellation of brilliant stars located in the northern hemisphere. 


14. Aster

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Star


15. Astro

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Of the stars


16. Astrophel

Origin: Literary name
Meaning: Star lover


17. Aten

Origin: Egyptian
Meaning: Sun disk
Aten is the name of a group of asteroids.


18. Atlas

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Titan, to carry
Atlas is a triple star system belonging to Taurus. 


19. Avior

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: My father is my light
The name of a star in Carina constellation. 


20. Aydan

Origin: Turkish
Meaning: From the moon


21. Aysel

Origin: Turkish
Meaning: Moon stream


22. Badar

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Full moon


23. Belenos

Origin: Celtic
Meaning: Bright one or the shining one (sun god from Celtic mythology)
A star in Pieces constellation. 


24. Borealis

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Northern
An aurora Borelais, also known as the polar lights or aurora Polaris, is a natural light display in Earth’s sky.


25. Callisto

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Best, most fair
The name of one of Jupiter’s moons.


26. Canis

Origin: Latin
Meaning: The greater dog
Canis Major is a constellation that contains Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.


27. Castor

Origin: Greek
Meaning: He who excels
Castor is one of the twin stars in the Gemini constellation.


28. Cepheus

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Father of Andromeda
Cepheus is a constellation in the northern sky.


29. Cielo

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Sky


30. Centaurus

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Centaur
Centaurus is a bright constellation in the southern sky.


31. Cetus

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Sea monster of Poseidon
Cetus is one of the constellations cataloged by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century.


32. Comet

Origin: Word name
Meaning: Long-haired star
Comet is an English word for a cosmic body of ice and gas that flies through the galaxy. 


33. Corvus

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Raven
Corvus is a small constellation in the Southern Celestial Hemisphere.


34. Cosmo

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Order, beauty
The whole universe is known as the “cosmos”. 


35. Crater

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Basin; cup
Crater is a small constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere.


36. Crux

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Cross
Crux is a constellation of the southern sky that is centered on four bright stars in a cross-shaped or kite-like asterism commonly known as the Southern Cross.


37. Cygnus

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Swan
Cygnus is a northern constellation on the plane of the Milky Way.


38. Cyrus

Origin: Greek, Persian
Meaning: Lord, the sun


39. Deimos

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Terror
It is the name of one of the many moons on the planet of Mars.


40. Delphinus

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Dolphin
Delphinus is a small constellation in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere, close to the celestial equator.


41. Donati

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Given by god
Donati is the name of a long-period comet, named after Italian astronomer Giovanni Battista Donati.


42. Draco

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Dragon
Draco is the name of a constellation in the northern sky.


43. Elio

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: The sun


44. Eridanus

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Footstool
Eridanus is a constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere.


45. Eos

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Dawn
Eos is a name given to a group of asteroids.


46. Eris

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Strife
Eris is the name of a dwarf planet, sometimes referred to as the tenth planet.


47. Felis

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Lucky
A constellation founded by French astronomer Lalande which he dedicated to his cat.


48. Galaxy

Origin: English
Meaning: System Of Stars


49. Galileo

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Of Galilee
Galileo is the well-known name of Renaissance astronomer and mathematician. 


50. Ginan

Origin: Sanskrit
Meaning: Knowledge
A star in the Crux constellation


51. Grus

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Crane
A constellation in the southern sky.


52. Hamal

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Lamb
Hamal is the name of the brightest star in the Aries constellation. 


53. Hercules

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Glory of Hera
Hercules is also the name of a star constellation.


54. Holmes

Origin: English
Meaning: From the island in the river
The name of a periodic comet, traveling through our solar system.


55. Illyrian

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Ancient tribe name
A star in the constellation of Leo Minor.


56. Izar

Origin: Basque
Meaning: Star
The name of a binary star in the northern constellation of Boötes.


57. Janus

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Gateway
It is the name of one of the moons of the planet Saturn.


58. Jerah

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Moon


59. Jericho

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: City of moons


60. Jupiter

Origin: Roman
Meaning: Sky father
The largest planet in our solar system and also the fifth one closest to Sun.


61. Keenan

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Ancient
A galaxy name.


62. Keid

Origin: Egyptian
Meaning: Broken eggshells
A triple star system in the Eridanus constellation.


63. Kepler

Origin: German
Meaning: Occupational name for a maker of cloaks and hoods
Kepler, was the name of a 17th-century polymath, Johannes Kepler, who unearthed the laws of planetary motion. 


64. Kuiper

Origin: Dutch
Meaning: Cooper
Kuiper is the name of a small band of space rocks, floating near Neptune. It’s also the surname of a famous astronomer.


65. Leo

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Lion
A northern constellation depicting a lion. 


66. Lynx

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Animal name
Lynx is a constellation named after the animal, usually observed in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere. 


67. Mars

Origin: Latin
Meaning: God of war
Mars is the name of the red planet in the solar system.


68. Mercury

Origin: Latin
Meaning: The messenger of god
The smallest planet in the solar system.


69. Meteor

Origin: Greek
Meaning: High in the air
A name that astronomers give to small metallic or rocky bodies that shoot through the galaxy.


70. Moon

Origin: English via Latin
Meaning: Satellite of the earth


71. Namid

Origin: Native American
Meaning: Star dancer


72. Nash

Origin: English
Meaning: At the ash tree
A star located in the constellation of Sagittarius.


73. Neptune

Origin: Roman
Meaning: God of the sea (Roman variant of Poseidon)
In astrology, Neptune is the seventh planet from the sun.


74. Oberon

Origin: German
Meaning: Noble and bear-like
Oberon is also a moon belonging to Uranus.


75. Octans

Origin: Latin
Meaning: The eighth part of a circle
Octans is a faint constellation of the southern sky.


76. Orion

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Hunter
Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world.


77. Pallas

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Youth, wisdom
Pallas is the name of a family of asteroids.


78. Pavo

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Small, peacock
Pavo is a constellation in the southern sky.


79. Pegasus

Origin: Greek
Meaning: From a water spring
A constellation in the northern sky.


80. Phoenix

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Purplish-red bird
Phoenix is a minor constellation in the southern sky. 


81. Polaris

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Pole star
Polaris is the name of the North Star.


82. Pollux

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Crown
A star in the constellation Gemini.


83. Pluto

Origin: Roman
Meaning: God of the underworld, rich
A dwarf planet. 


84. Proteus

Origin: Greek
Meaning: The first
Neptune’s largest inner satellite.


85. Pyxis

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Boxtree
Pyxis is a small and faint constellation in the southern sky.


86. Qamar

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Moon


87. Rasalas

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: The northern (star) of the lion’s head
A star within the Leo constellation.


88. Realtin

Origin: Celtic
Meaning: Little star


89. Regulus

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Prince
The name of the brightest star in the Leo constellation.


90. Rigel

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Foot
Atar in the constellation of Orion.


91. Sabik

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: One who comes in first
Sabik is a star in Ophiuchus.


92. Saros

Origin: Saros Cycle is a period in which eclipses repeat themselves.


93. Saturn

Origin: Roman
Meaning: God of agriculture
The farthest planet from Earth discovered by the unaided human eye, Saturn has been known since ancient times.


94. Serpens

Origin: Latin
Meaning: The serpent
One of the Greek constellations, first cataloged by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century.


95. Sirius

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Burning
The brightest star in the galaxy.


96. Sol

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Sun 


97. Solar

Origin: Word name
Meaning: The sun


98. Tarak

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Morning star


99. Taurus

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Bull
One of the constellations of the zodiac.


100. Themis

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Law of nature, or divine law
Themis is the name of a group of asteroids.


101. Thule

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Place name
Thule is the furthest point north in Greek mythology and cartography it is also the name of a large asteroid. 


102. Titan

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defender
One of Saturn’s largest moon. 


103. Virgo

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Maiden, pure or chaste
Virgo is the second-largest constellation in the sky.


104. Wurren

Origin: Aboriginal Australian (Wardaman)
Meaning: Child
A multiple star system.


105. Zenith

Origin: English
Meaning: The highest point in the heavens
Zenith represents the point of the celestial sphere that’s directly above an observer on earth.


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