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40 Breathtaking Boho Chic Earthy Names for Girls

Boho names are becoming super popular among millennial parents and are considered quirky, hippie uncommon, and artsy. Bohemian is thought of as a lifestyle for anyone who lives “unconventionally.” If super traditional baby girl names sound dull and boring to you, why not give your new little one a name that’s a bit more free-spirited? From flowers and herbs, these names are as beautiful as they are whimsical. If you’re after a boho-chic, nature-inspired name for your little girl, look no further. We’ve gathered up 40 of our favorites below.

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1. Allegra

Allegra is an elegant and exotic name of is of Italian, meaning “joyful” or “lively.” Runners up: Cadence and Harmony.

2. Alundra

A Spanish name that means “defender of mankind,” despite its meaning, there’s definitely no denying its dreamy boho feel. Runners up: Mazarine and Zinnia.

3. Anise

A romantic name, most commonly known as a delicious spice, Anise is a beautiful name that has a very bohemian feel. Runners up: Sage and Saffron.

4. Aria

This moniker has gained widespread use in recent years, thanks to Arya from the popular television series, Game of Thrones and Aria from Pretty Little Liars. Aria has many meanings: air or the melody (in Italian), treasure (Albanian), lioness (Hebrew), and noble (Persian). Runners up: Melody and Arlo.

5. Aura

Aura is an enchanting and ethereal name that means “glowing light” and is of Latin origin. Runners up: Aurora and  Luna.

6. Betony

Nature and spirituality are combined in this beautiful name Victorian botanical name. In addition to its medicinal uses, Betony was said to ward off evil spirits. Runners up: Briony and Fern.

7. Blakely

An English name meaning “dark woodland clearing,” it’s a beautiful Boho girl name that your daughter will thank you for later. Runners up: Lakely and Briar.

8. Boheme

A romantic-sounding name of French word derived from the name of the country of Bohemia. Runners up: Gypsy and Rhiannon.

9. Brinley

Brinley is a lovely nature-inspired name bohemian name that means “burnt meadow” and is of English origin. Runners up: Ainsley and Avery.

10. Caia

A bohemian name that has an ancient history, Caia means “to rejoice” in Latin. According to Roman mythology, Caia was the goddess of fire and healing. Runners up: Calliope and Cypress.

11. Drea

This beautiful name has all the airy and whimsical elements of Bohemian chic. The name Drea means “courageous” and is of Greek origin. Short for Andrea. Runners up: Freya and Laurel.

12. Eisley

Eisley, pronounced eyes-lee, is thought to be an Americanized surname from the Swiss surname Eisele meaning “iron-strong.” Eisley feels free-spirited perfect for a little boho baby. Runners up: Elosie and Hazel.

13. Eliora

Eliora is a Hebrew name meaning “God is my light” The name hasn’t been popular in recent history, but it’s an excellent prospect for parents looking for something sweet and unique for their baby girls. Runners up: Eulalie and Skye.

14. Emersyn

Emersyn is a feminized spelling variation of the German name Emerson meaning “son of Emery.” This moniker has a lot of style, strength, and making it the perfect boho name. Runners up: Emmaline and Piper.

15. Gaia

This mythological name means “earth mother,” and that seems about as Bohemian as it gets. If you’re after the perfect boho name that’s equal parts exotic and sweet, Gaia is the one! Runners up: Gemma and Clio.

16. Haisley

An Irish gem that means “hazel woods” This name evokes feelings, nature, and whimsy. Runners up: Haven and Cerys.

17. Henley

A unisex English name meaning “high meadow,” it’s a perfect stylish boho name for a baby girl. Runners up: Meadow and Juniper.

18. Isla

Isla, pronounced EYE-La, is a name with Spanish and Scottish origins, meaning “island or rocky place.” In addition to being sweet and fun to say, Isla has some major boho vibes. Runners up: Ivy and Iris.

19. Kaya

What a refreshing and peaceful-sounding name! The name Kaya means “pure” and is of Scandinavian origin. It’s also a Native American name meaning “my older sister.” Runners up: Thalia and Pearl.

20. Kinsley

Kinsley is an English name that means “king’s meadow” or “royal wood clearing.” While many people think of it as a preppy name, its nature and whimsical sound make it bohemian too. Runners up: Zadie and Cosima.

21. Legacie

This sassy and unique boho baby girl is a spelling variation of the English word legacy, meaning “inheritance.” Runners up: Serenity and Hope.

22. Lennon

Lennon is the surname of one of the world’s most popular bohemian singers; the name derives from Irish origin, meaning “lover or dear one.” Runners up: Janis and Lotus.

23. Loxley

This fun and quirky name comes from English Literary origins and means “glade by the lake.” Runners up: Avalon and Lark.

24. Lyra

In Greek, Lyra means “lyre,” a rhythmic flow applied to both music and poetry. While it isn’t common, bohemian parents have been drawn to it because it gives off major creative and artistic vibes. It is also a constellation name. Runners up: Lyric and Nola.

25. Maya

A charming name with multiple meanings, most famously meaning “illusion” in Sanskrit and “water” in Hebrew. This cute, vintage name is making a big comeback. Runners up: Waverly and Raven.

26. Navy

An English color name that instills peace, tranquility, calmness, and serenity. Navy is a modern alternative to Violet, Scarlett, and Ruby. Runners up: Indigo and Azure.

27. Noa

A Hebrew name meaning “movement,” this brilliant and inspirational name would suit both boho boys and girls. Runners up: Nova and Uma.

28. Paloma

A peaceful romantic-sounding name of Spanish origin meaning “dove.” Doves are often thought of as a symbol of peace. Runners up: Mariposa and Mabel.

29. Peony

Skip the Violets and Lilys and go straight for Peonies. A name of Latin origin that means “healing.” Peony is a unique and fun baby name with a mix of modern edge and vintage charm. Runners up: Magnolia, and Daisy.

30. Posey

Posey is yet another fun, floral name, and the sunny moniker more than earns its place on this bohemian list. Posey is an English name that means “a bunch of flowers.” Runners up: Poppy and Dahlia.

31. Remi

The name Remi means “oarsman or remedy” and is of French origin. The girl carrying this name will be creative, quick, and free-spirited. Runners up: Aspen and India.

32. Shiloh

Both striking and delicate at the same time, Shiloh is a Biblical place with Hebrew origins that means “tranquil.” Runners up: Willow and Eden.

33. Sonnett

For parents who like thinking out of the box, this cool indie name would make a perfect choice for you. The name Sonnett is an English girl’s derived from Italian sonetto, meaning “little song.” Runners up: Soleil and Viola.

34. Sunday

An English word name day of the week, Sunday has a great bohemian flow that is as easy and breezy as a Sunday morning. Runners up: Summer and Sunny.

35. Tessa

Tessa is the diminutive of Theresa and means “to harvest.” This evocative name feels both fresh and chic. Runners up: Sienna and Jasmine.

36. Thea

Thea is an alternate spelling of the Greek goddess Theia; the name literally means “goddess.” The ancient Greek Goddess Theia is a great inspiration for a strong yet feminine name; she was the Titaness of sight and shining. Runners up: Athena and Faye.

37. Twila

Twila is an American name meaning “twilight.” This earthy, hippy name is still very unused and is a good choice if you’re after an unusual boho name. Runners up: Lila and Autumn.

38. Vesa

Vesa a lovely and unique boho baby girl name that means “sprout or young tree” in Finnish. It feels like a fresh take on Vera, but with a fanciful, bohemian twist. Runners up: Vesper and Celeste.

39. Wren

An earthy name that’s a big hit, Wren has English origins and means “small bird“. Commonly used as a middle name, bohemian parents will definitely find it worthy enough to use as a first name. Runners up: Brynn and Robin.

40. Zoella

Zoella is a combination name meaning: “complete life.” From Greek Zoe, meaning “life,” and German Ella, meaning “completely.” While it doesn’t have a nature meaning like others on this list, bohemian parents will be drawn to its whimsical and unique sound. Runners up: Jade and Violet.

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