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25 Exotic Girl Names That will Take you Far Away

Exotic girl names come from all corners of the globe and are brimming with unique style and meaning. Giving your daughter an exotic name will guarantee that she will leave a mark on everyone she meets. Furthermore, a good name can also instill confidence in a child. So whether you’re looking for a name to honor your roots or just love the sound of exotic names, we are sure you’ll find something on this list that’s enchanting enough to bestow on your little girl. Here are 25 exotic girl names that will take you far away. 

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1. Abia

Great (Arabic)
Love the name Ava, but hate how popular it is, then opt for the super cute exotic name Abia instead.
You may also like: Aba, Adhra, Ahraya

2. Bjork

Birch (Icelandic)
Bjork is an unusual name that evokes the mystery and wonder of Scandinavian lands and would be a good fit for a young adventurous spirit.
You may also like: Bolsena, Bardot, Bronte

3. Capucine

Cowled monk (French)
Although the meaning sounds a bit dull, the name itself doesn’t sound boring at all – there’s nothing plain about this French girl name that can be found on the playgrounds in Paris, oh la la.
You may also like: Catalda, Corisande, Calypso

4. Devereux

From Evreux (French)
Pronouncing it with a ‘roo’ at the end sound gives this name a cool, sophisticated feel – a dash of true French chic.
You may also like: Dextra, Dezra, Damita

5. Elvira

Foreign truth (Spanish)
Elvira’s somewhat goth history puts many people off using it, but the name has beautiful exotic, delicate femininity about it, the like of which is missing in many modern names.
You may also like: Eithne, Ekaterina, Efia

6. Fabiana

Bean grower (Italian and Spanish)
Romantic but also so approachable, Fabiana sounds like a perfect name for an adventurous baby girl.
You may also like: Feige, Francoise, Fahari

7. Hadiya

Guide (African)
A gorgeously exotic name with that we think the has a beautiful rhythmic quality.
You may also like: Hannelore, Hagar, Haidee

8. Izora

From Isauria (Latin)
A truly distinctive exotic name that will sound great – and maybe turn a few heads – when you call out to your little one in the playground.
You may also like: Inaya, Indra, Inga

9. Jelena

Shining light (Russian)
This more exotic form of the name Helen certainly has an exotic delicate feminine ring to it.
You may also like: Jacobella, Juvela, Jacinta

10. Kasiani

Cinnamon (Greek)
Kasiani is a super cute baby girl name and definitely sounds exotic. Plus, just like most other names on this list, it’s still quite rare.
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Kacela, Kalma, Kalindi

11. Larue

Street (French)
Tres chic and French, you certainly would be hard-pressed to find many other little girls with this name in the same school, let alone in the same city!
You may also like:
Lesedi, Ligia, Lisha

12. Machara

Plain (Scottish)
Although the meaning isn’t that appealing, the name itself has a cool, exotic feel. Machara is a rare Scottish name that we think deserves a second glance. It’s a vibrant and resonant name that has a warm and direct sound.
You may also like: Mabilia, Makeda, Martedi

13. Misha

Who is like god (Russian)
Similar to the popular girl’s name Mila but with a more exotic twist, this unisex name is such a fun, unexpected baby girl name — we just love it.
You may also like: Massima, Margaux, Mahalia

14. Nia

Purpose mother of Shaka (African)
So many parents are favoring either short names or those ending with an A, so Nia the best of both worlds and is a great option for anyone looking for something absolutely exotic and unique.
You may also like: Nyree, Noir, Nuala

15. Oksana

Praise to God (Russian)
Look no further than Oksana if you’re on the hunt for a unique exotic religious name.
You may also like:
Omorose, Orianthi, Orabella

16. Olivette

Olive tree (Latin)
With Olivia being a popular name for a while, Olivette is a fun and unique alternative.
You may also like:
Oscara, Ovidia, Ottavia

17. Parisa

Fairy-like (Persian)
Parisa is sophisticated yet mystical. With its fairy tale charm, it’s an exotic and uncommon name that’s hard to forget.
You may also like: Prisca, Perrine, Preciosa

18. Sasha

Defender of men (Russian)
A unisex name that’s brimming with courage and strength, so it’s a great choice if these are qualities you’d like in your little one.
You may also like:
Sabra, Saada, Shanta

19. Shula

Peacefulness (Hebrew)
Shula is a short form of Shulamit, adopted in the English-speaking world as an independent name. While Shula looks old-fashioned, it’s classy and strong while maintaining the vibrancy of youth about it.
You may also like: Shura, Shira, Shifra

20. Solange

Solemn (French)
Solange is such a classy and unexpected name for a baby girl. It’s sweet and exotic. French names are so trendy right now, and “Lani” is a cute nickname.
You may also like: Solanine, Socorro, Sunniva

21. Takara

Treasure, jewel (Japanese)
Definitely one of the most exotic and of the strongest sounding names on this list which might be perfect for the new jewel of your life.
You may also like: Talitha, Tamara, Thara

22. Tosca

From Tuscany (Italian)
Short but still substantial. It’s an exotic, charming, memorable name that brings to mind the warm sun of Italy.
You may also like: Tuva, Tirzah, Tulsi

23. Varvara

Foreign women (Russian)
Varvara’s got a carefree exotic, wild and adventurous vibe but rolls off the tongue so softly. It’s a serious “V”-name contender.
You may also like: Violette, Varese,

24. Yasmin

Jasmine (Persian)
Pronounced hah-SEEN-tah or yahz-MEEN, derived from the Persian word yasamen, this name sounds familiar yet exotic – it could be an inspired choice if you’re looking for a flower name with a twist.
You may also like:
Ynez, Yoko, Yani

25. Zuwena

Good (African)
|Zuwena is an exotic name that is unique and sounds upbeat and fun. Just right for a happy little girl.
You may also like: Zita, Zuleika, Zipporah

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